The MUAA Club Championship table for 2022/2023 season is shown below and includes all members who have scored at least one point. Note that the Spring, River and Winter match points are compressed into one column each. The leader of the table by a significant margin is 2021/22 season winner MUAA Club Chairman Ian Goddard who has accumulated an impressive 181 points. In 2nd place is Mick Perks with 128 points and in 3rd place is Chris Loveridge with 125 points.

MUAA Spring League Table 2022/23 Season

The winner of the Spring League for the 2022/23 season is Ian Goddard who assembled 40 points. Runner -up was Ken Yates with 35 points and third John Shaw with 31 points. Note that the Spring League table is calculated with the worst two results of the six matches dropped.

MUAA Spring League Table 2022/23 Season

MUAA River Series – 2022/23 Season

The river series for the 2022/23 season was won by John Bolton. After both he and Paul Weaving finished with 29 points, John took the trophy as he caught a greater weight of fish overall. In third place was Chris Loveridge with 28 points.

MUAA Club Championship 2021/2022 season.

The winner of the MUAA Club Championship for the 2021/22 season is MUAA Club Chairman Ian Goddard who accumulated 175 points. Chris Loveridge came second with 142 points and Mick Perks pipped Frank Edwards at the final match to finish third with 92 points.

Final Club Championship Table 2021/2022