We have managed this section of the River Severn at Holdfast just below Upton Upon Severn for several years now and it has occasionally produced some cracking bags of fish. This section of Severn is noted for its big shoals of bream and is also resident to some big barbel plus there are plenty of roach and perch along the stretch too. You will also find some big pike and zander here in the winter months. In the summer of 2017, the Club record for this stretch for a 5 hour match was broken with a catch of 69lb of bream. Favoured methods are groundbait feeder for bream and barbel and stick/bolo float fishing for the roach and chub. A great advantage to this section of river is that you can park next to the river and simply walk a few feet to your chosen peg.



Holdfast directions

Holdfast Map