Match Bookings

Until further notice, please book your place for all competitions by contacting Mick Perks at the following email address: or by phone on 01531249114

Any members interested in fishing club competitions are reminded that they must book their place by 6pm on the Friday before the match using the contact details shown above. Note that this applies to all competitions. This is because at some locations the number of pegs available is limited and we don’t want anyone to have a wasted journey if all pegs have already been reserved. It also allows the Match Secretary to manage matches more effectively as he will know how many pegs are required and the costs involved which is particularly important on private pools. 

On the morning of the match, please arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the draw so that the draw can take place on time.

The current match programme is shown below – red font denotes change to previously published programme.

MUAA Match Calendar 2023-24

The Club competitions are designed to be a fun occasion with a chance to fish different venues with the emphasis on it being a social event rather than simply a chance to earn extra cash. Any members wishing to fish in a Club competition but do not want to enter the pools, please book in with the Match Secretary as normal who can then arrange to deduct the pools part from the entry fee on arrival at the venue.