Sunday 21st April 2023 – Fitzwater Cup – Whitehall Fishery , RushwickDwayne 3


The Fitzwater trophy match was held on Whitehall pool on a fine, sunny day. This match was restricted to float only with conventional (or maybe now old-fashioned) rod and line technique. The match results turned out to be very much two-ended, with the catches being predominantly on the upper, shallower end of the pool whilst others in the lower, deeper end of the pool struggled to catch anything other than the occasional small roach or perch. Furthermore, anglers one side of the upper end of the pool were able to catch plenty of small fish while, in contrast, the winning weight came from the other side of the pool where Dwayne Martin was able to catch a few nice bream and a variety of other species using mainly castors as bait to finish with a weight of 9-13-0. On the opposite side of the pool, Paul Weaving had a mixed bag of mainly smaller fish to finish a close second with a weight of 9-4-0, with Jeff Ackrill also catching mainly small fish in his third place weight of 6-5-0.


1.Dwayne Martin 9-13-0

2. Paul Weaving 9-4-0

3. Jeff Ackrill 6-5-0

4. Steve Thomas 5-4-0

5. Chris Loveridge 4-14-0

6. Lee Harman 2-13-0

7. Steve Peters 1-15-0

8. Ian Goddard 1-12-0

9. Graham Rees 1-8-0

10. Alan Pashley 1-5-0


Sunday 14th April 2023 – Spring League No.6 – Top Barn Fishery, Holt HeathSimon

On a pleasantly fine day, the final round of the Spring League matches took place on Grebe pool at Top Barn fishery. Benefitting from an end peg in a quiet corner of the pool, Simon Hall found a good shoal of bream gathered there and was able to catch a number of them on pole fished maggot to finish with a clear winning weight of 16-2-0. At the other end of the pool, Frank Edwards persisted with his favourite method feeder approach to catch a carp and three smaller bream to finish second with a weight of 12-9-0 and this was enough to ensure his overall victory in points over the best of four Spring League matches. His nearest rival in the points total, Dwayne Martin, finished third in this final match with a weight of 11-3-0.


1. Simon Hall 16-2-0

2. Frank Edwards 12-9-0

3. Dwayne Martin 11-3-0

4. Chris Loveridge 10-12-0

5. Graham Rees 8-7-0

6. John Shaw 7-1-0

7. Steve Warren 4-9-0

8. John Bolton 3-5-0

9. Jeff Ackrill 2-9-0

10. Mick Perks 1-12-0


Sunday 23rd April 2023 – Spring League No.5 – Broadfield Fishery, Cutnall Green 


Despite a weather forecast of heavy rain, the weather turned out to be pleasantly fine for the fifth Spring league match on the Laurel pool at Broadfield fishery near Droitwich. Fishing turned out to be patchy, with some good weights while others struggled to catch many fish. Drawn in the middle of one side of the pool, Chris Loveridge had a peg with a nice gap in between overhanging trees on the island bank where he aimed his method feeder with maggot and pellet baits to catch a number of carp up to about five pounds to compile his winning weight of 39-12-0. In contrast, Simon Hall has most of his carp with pole fished sweetcorn along the inside reed margins on each side of his peg to finish second with 25-11-0. Just three ounces behind, third place Dwayne Martin used a variety of methods to catch his carp.


  1. Chris Loveridge 39-12-0
  2. Simon Hall 25-11-0
  3. Dwayne Martin 25-8-0
  4. Frank Edwards 24-9-0
  5. Graham Rees 17-4-0
  6. Steve Peters 10-13-0
  7. Mick Perks 8-5-0
  8. John Bolton 8-3-0
  9. Steve Warren 3-11-0

Sunday 16th April 2023 – Spring League No.4 – Court Farm Fishery, Deblins Green


After the originally planned venue of Whitehall pool had to be cancelled because of muddy conditions, the fourth Spring League contest was rearranged to be fished on the smaller pool at Court farm. A cloudy and somewhat disappointingly cool day saw another good turn out of Malvern Anglers. Making the most of the hotly favoured peg at one end of the pool, Dwayne Martin caught carp consistently throughout the match using feeder with pellet bait to accumulate his winning weight of 89-15-0. In the another favoured peg at the other end of the pool, Ian Goddard used pole fished sweetcorn to catch 52-6-0 of carp for second place. Meanwhile, in the less fancied middle section, Lee Harman did well to catch 39-14-0 of carp for third place.


  1. Dwayne Martin 89-15-0
  2. Ian Goddard 52-6-0
  3. Lee Harman 39-14-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 38-14-0
  5. Simon Hall 33-3-0
  6. Steve Thomas 31-6-0
  7. Steve Warren 22-13-0
  8. Steve Williams 20-1-0
  9. John Shaw 18-3-0
  10. John Bolton 16-10-0

Sunday 9th April 2023 – Spring League No.3 – Court Farm Fishery, Deblins Green

Dave Stretten

A pleasant and somewhat cloudy Easter Sunday greeted a good turn out of Malvern Anglers for their third Spring league match at Court Farm pool. Although the fish seemed somewhat slow to start feeding in most pegs for the first half of the match, the pace generally intensified in the second half with many bigger carp being caught. Yet again, Dave Stretton showed his expertise at catching large bags of fish at this venue as he used pole fished sweetcorn and maggots to compile an impressive winning weight of 130-7-0 consisting of mainly carp up to about eight pounds. Some way behind in second place, in form Frank Edwards this time showed his method feeder expertise to catch a good number of carp to finish with a weight of 77-3-0, just a few pounds ahead of Dwayne Martin using similar methods on the opposite bank.


  1. Dave Stretton 130-7-0
  2. Frank Edwards 77-3-0
  3. Dwayne Martin 71-9-0
  4. Steve Warren 71-0-0
  5. Steve Peters 57-6-0
  6. Chris Loveridge 55-12-0
  7. John Bolton 43-4-0
  8. Ian Goddard 49-9-0
  9. Steve Thomas 39-7-0
  10. Lee Harman 30- 5-0

Sunday 26th March 2023 – Spring League No.2 – Broadacres Fishery, Hanbury


After some early morning rain, a cold Northerly wind set in for Malvern Anglers second Spring league match on Bill’s pool at Broadacres fishery. In contrast to last year’s match at this venue, all anglers struggled for bites and most had to settle for catching the occasional small roach or skimmer bream. However, new member Simon Hall managed to catch a few carp of about two pounds each using pole tactics to present sweetcorn bait to a tree lined spot on the opposite island. His winning weight of 9-13-0 was just ahead of Frank Edwards in the next peg who continued to show his pole fishing skills by also catching a few small carp and silver fish on single maggot to finish with 8-10-0. Meanwhile, third place Alan Pashley had a carp of about five pounds on single maggot to boost his weight to 7-15-0.


  1. Simon Hall 9-13-0
  2. Frank Edwards 8-10-0
  3. Alan Pashley 7-15-0
  4. John Bolton 5-6-0
  5. Dave Streeton 5-2-0
  6. Steve Warren 4-14-0
  7. Dwayne Martin 4-11-0
  8. Mick Perks 4-9-0
  9. Steve Peters 4-7-0
  10. Graham Rees 3-2-0

Sunday 12th March 2023 – Spring League No.1 – Brookend Fishery, Hartlebury


After substantial snowfall and ice earlier in the week, Malvern anglers were lucky that the weather turned pleasantly mild for their first Spring league match at Brookend pool. Predictably, after such cold conditions, the fish seemed reluctant to show in most pegs as most anglers struggled for bites, especially on one side of the pool. However, Frank Edwards being drawn on an end peg on the favoured side of the pool showed all his expertise in pole fishing to catch several  bream and roach on single maggot to finish with an impressive winning weight of 16-8-0. In the next peg, Steve Warren used similar tactics to finish some way behind with a second place weight of 7-4-0 but just ahead of third place Ian Goddard with 6-8-0.


  1. Frank Edwards 16-8-0
  2. Steve Warren 7-4-0
  3. Ian Goddard 6-8-0
  4. Dwayne Martin 3-4-0
  5. Alan Pashley 1-15-0
  6. Jeff Ackrill 0-14-0
  7. Chris Loveridge 0-6-0
  8. Steve Thomas 0-6-0
  9. Mick Perks 0-1-0

Sunday 5th March 2023 – Knock-Up Match – River Severn, Holdfast


The knock-up match at Holdfast was arranged to take advantage of the lead up to the close season. Nine keen as mustard anglers arrived at the site full of enthusiasm for this five hour match.

The day was cold and a little overcast. The river showed little flow and was gin clear which didn’t encourage fish to move around or to feed.

After a closely fought match, it was discovered that the match was a draw with all anglers catching an identical weight – or to put it another way, nobody caught anything!

One or two anglers did see some action however. Pete Wilkes fishing from Peg No.7 had hooked a perch. However, just as Pete was preparing to net the fish, victory was cruelly (and literally) snatched from his grasp by a marauding pike which grabbed the fish and left Pete with nothing on his hook and tears welling up in his eyes. An audible sense of relief could be heard echoing down the river from the other eight anglers.

As the final whistle sounded, Paul Weaving in Peg No.6 was seen to be scrapping with a large fish. Sadly for Paul, the fish in question turned out to be another pike which led him a merry dance before diving into a snag where it made its successful break for freedom. Several anglers offered their sympathies to Paul on hearing this news especially as it wouldn’t have counted anyway even if he had landed it. Paul’s luck seems to be mirroring that of his favourite team Forest Green Rovers currently!

Anglers were delighted to see a few other club stalwarts come along to pay a visit, which included John Bolton, Steve Davies and Lee Harman and his dear lady along with dog Poppy. Each visitor offered various pleasantries to the freezing anglers and rather uncharitably were only offered assorted profanities in return. Steve Williams’ dear lady Stella arrived before the end of the match concerned by reports that Steve had been quiet for 30 minutes but she found him well if not a little underwhelmed.

A couple of other anglers reported finding smashed maggots including Chris Loveridge who seemed to be in a bit of a daze after sitting in the cold for so long and was unsure in the end if he did indeed have smashed maggots. The general consensus was that he’d been at the wacky baccy again and was best to just let him lie down and recover.

Despite the lack of action, all the hardy anglers who attended enjoyed what is likely to be their final chance to fish the river this season. It was decided that the unclaimed winnings should be donated to the MUAA Club funds.


1 = Steve Thomas 0-0-0

1 = Steve Peters 0-0-0

1 = Ian Goddard 0-0-0

1 = Pete Wilkes 0-0-0

1 = Chris Loveridge 0-0-0

1 = Paul Weaving 0-0-0

1 = Steve Williams 0-0-0

1 = Steve Warren 0-0-0


Sunday 19th February 2023 – Winter League No.6 – Ghost Pool, Woodlands View Fishery, Ombersley

Alan Pashley

The final round of the Winter league matches was held on the Ghost pool at Woodland view fisheries. On a very mild morning, prospects for big catches on this venue looked promising, although it turned out that fishing was harder than expected, as most anglers found bites somewhat patchy. However, new member Alan Pashley caught more consistently than others and using pole fished maggots accumulated a number of carp and silver fish to finish with a winning weight of 36-3-0. On the other side of the pool, Ben Strong used similar tactics to catch a number of smaller carp and silver fish to finish second with a weight of 26-7-0

Meanwhile, Mick Perks continued his consistent form with a third place weight of 25-5-0.


  1. Alan Pashley 36-3-0
  2. Ben Strong 26-7-0
  3. Mick Perks 25-5-0
  4. Dave Stretton 17-2-0
  5. Frank Edwards 15-14-0
  6. John Shaw 15-1-0
  7. Ian Goddard 13-6-0
  8. Graham Rees 12-9-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 10-0-0
  10. Steve Thomas 7-13-0

Sunday 5th February 2023 – Winter League No.5 – Court Farm, Deblins Green, Malvern


The fifth match of the Winter league series was held on Court Farm pool. After a cold, frosty start, all anglers around the pool enjoyed the pleasant Winter sunshine, although the fish were somewhat reluctant to start feeding at first. In contrast to his last match win, in form Mick Perks started with pole tactics, but after more than an hour with no success, he switched to the pellet feeder with sweetcorn bait that gave him immediate results as he steadily caught a number of carp up to about six pounds to finish with a winning weight of 36-4-0. In the next peg, Chris Loveridge also used similar feeder tactics to land a number of carp, including one of about ten pounds, to finish second with a weight of 30-14-0. Meanwhile, in a favoured corner peg, Ian Goddard worked hard with pole tactics to catch a number of smaller carp for a third place weight of 24-4-0, just ahead of Steve Warren in another favoured corner peg. In other parts of the pool, anglers found fish more difficult to tempt.


  1. Mick Perks 36-4-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 30-14-0
  3. Ian Goddard 24-4-0
  4. Steve Warren 22-4-0
  5. John Bolton 15-3-0
  6. Frank Edwards 12-6-0
  7. Steve Davies 8-5-0
  8. Ken Yates 8-1-0
  9. Dave Stretton 3-3-0
  10. John Shaw 3-0-0

Sunday 15th January 2023 – Winter League No.4 – Old Pool, The Jam Factory, Lower Broadheath


On a sunny but cold day, for the first match of the new year, Malvern Anglers resumed their Winter league series on the Old pool at Broadheath fisheries. The fishing results were somewhat one sided as the main weights were concentrated to the three adjacent pegs at the top end of the pool in the sunshine, while others struggled to catch, especially those pegged on the colder shady side of the pool. After starting using ledger tactics with little to show in the first hour, Mick Perks switched with more success to the pole with dead maggot bait to land a number of carp up to about ten pounds to finish with a winning weight of 36-8-0. In the nearby peg, Dwayne Martin used various methods and baits to also catch a number of carp to finish second with a weight of 28-11-0. Meanwhile, in between these two, Graham Rees used lighter pole tactics with maggot bait to land a number of smaller carp and silver fish to finish third with 17-2-0. Other weights were mainly made of an occasional carp or two.


  1. Mick Perks 36-8-0
  2. Dwayne Martin 28-11-0
  3. Graham Rees 17-2-0
  4. Ian Goddard 9-2-0
  5. Steve Warren 8-13-0
  6. Chris Loveridge 8-1-0
  7. Steve Peters 7-0-0
  8. John Shaw 3-10-0
  9. Dave Stretton 1-5-0

Sunday 11th December 2022 – Fur and Feather – River Severn, Holdfast

Altogether 11 anglers arrived at the car park to take part in the festive Fur and Feather event for which the weather was freezing with snow falling steadily. One potential fisherman (and perhaps the wisest amongst us) immediately saw the error of his ways and promptly returned home to bed.


The remaining 10 anglers were treated to bacon cobs lovingly prepared by chefs Chris and Ian. They had also set a small bonfire going before the draw took place to offer a warm retreat for any angler needing to thaw out during the 4 hour match.


The draw was arranged as a scramble allowing anglers to choose their own peg and the field was evenly spread throughout the stretch of river. Unfortunately, the fish didn’t share the same festive spirit as the fisherman and refused to feed. In the last hour of the match, former catwalk model Chris Loveridge who was fishing from peg No.7 saw the best action of the day. Chris had scaled down the business end of his tackle in order to try and tempt a small fish to nibble on his maggot bait. In the event, the bait was taken by a barbel which gave Chris the run-around before escaping by straightening out his size 20 hook. The rest of the field were naturally disappointed to hear of Chris’s plight.


A few fisherman could see the writing on the wall and packed up early, preferring to monitor the bonfire and to hunt around for logs to restock it. As no-one else had even a sniff of a bite, the lost fish meant that the weigh-in was carried out in record time without the weigh net getting damp or the scales getting remotely troubled.


Homemade mince pies laced with cannabis baked by John Shaw’s wife Annette were offered before the prize giving began. Post fishing entertainment was to be provided by Ian Goddard on the ukulele, however this didn’t materialise as Ian’s wife, fed up with Ian setting the neighbourhood dog off, had confiscated the offending instrument.


A modicum of entertainment was provided by John Shaw though. John managed to accidentally puncture a can of lager with a knife whilst attempting to open the package, which is a bit worrying as John boosts his pension by undertaking open heart surgery during the week. I’m pleased to report that no lager was wasted as Chris who watched the drama unfold reacted quickest to the emergency by grabbing the leaking can and devouring the contents before even a drop could hit the ground.


The prizes generously provided by various anglers were shared out via another draw and there was a consensus that the pools money managed by Steve Warren should be donated to charity.


The composer of this report admits that some parts are the consequence of an overactive imagination and an over indulgence of Annette’s delicious mince pies .


Happy Christmas!



What a handsome bunch!



Head chef Chris and sous chef Ian prepare bacon cobs 


Sunday 20th November 2022 – Winter League No.3 – Sycamore Pool, The Jam Factory, Lower Broadheath

Steve Thomas

The Sycamore pool at Broadheath fisheries was the venue for the third of Malvern Anglers winter league contests. On a cold day, some anglers on one side of the pool were warmed by the bright morning sunshine, while others were suffered the cold on the shady side of the pool. Enjoying an end peg in the sunshine, Steve Thomas used legered feeder with sweetcorn and worm baits to catch several carp up to about eight pounds to finish with a winning weight of 38-10-0. On the other side of the pool, Ian Goddard and Dave Stretton used various leger and pole methods with a variety of baits to catch carp and come close second and third with weights of 37-3-0 and 33-6-0 respectively.


  1. Steve Thomas 38-10-0
  2. Ian Goddard 37-3-0
  3. Dave Stretton 33-6-0
  4. Frank Edwards 26-3-0
  5. Chris Loveridge 21-14-0
  6. Steve Peters 20-2-0
  7. Graham Rees 18-7-0
  8. Mick Perks 9-9-0
  9. John Shaw 2-5-0

Sunday 6th November 2022 – Winter League No.2 – Court Farm, Deblin’s Green

Dave Stretten

On a day with some sunshine and heavy rain showers, the second of Malvern Angler’s Winter league contests took place at Court Farm pool. On the first cast, Dave Stretton caught a carp on pole fished sweetcorn and continued catching carp up to about six pounds at frequent intervals throughout the match to finish with a runaway weight of 148-6-0. On another side of the pool, Chris Loveridge used sweetcorn bait with method feeder tactics to catch nice sized carp to finish second with 70-8-0. Meanwhile, fishing in the next peg to the winner with similar pole tactics managed to catch a number of carp for his third place weight of 56-15-0.


  1. Dave Stretton 148-6-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 70-8-0
  3. Ian Goddard 56-14-0
  4. Ken Yates 53-15-0
  5. Frank Edwards 51-10-0
  6. Steve Thomas 43-12-0
  7. Jeff Ackrill 37-4-0
  8. Ben Strong 29-5-0
  9. Mick Perks 23-4-0
  10. Graham Rees 23-1-0

Sunday 30th October 2022 – Charity Match, Eastnor Castle Lake

This charity match held at the lake in the grounds of Eastnor Castle in support of the West Midland Air Ambulance was the 2nd of two matches independently organised by Steve Warren (who opted not to fish) at which several MUAA members were in attendance. There’s probably not a more picturesque setting in the country to go fishing. Not only that but in general, the fishing was good with lots of roach and rudd in particular finding their way into anglers’ nets.

In total, 20 anglers participated in this sold out event which started in traditional fashion with Steve Warren cooking up a hearty breakfast of bacon and sausage rolls! After the 9am draw, anglers set off to find their stalls of which pegs 1 to 7 were on a north facing bank and the remainder were in a westerly facing bank. It was unfortunate that the weather didn’t play ball with anglers having to fish in monsoon like conditions for a couple of hours during the match.  

The majority of the better weights came from pegs 1 to 7 with the overall match winner and MUAA veteran Steve Thomas weighing in 22lb 14oz from peg No.3. MUAA anglers Paul Weaving and Dwayne Martin also won prizes for winning their  sections with weights of 16lb 12oz and 16lb 0oz respectively.

Other MUAA winners were Clive Harman who won the prize for the best rudd which weighed 13oz and Dwayne Martin again with the best perch of 12oz.

Before the match took place, an online auction of donated fishing was arranged by Steve Warren which also raised a significant amount for this worthwhile charity. These items were distributed to the auction “winners” while dining on a pork casserole lovingly prepared by Steve. In total an astonishing £1,500 was raised over both matches for the WM Air Ambulance charity. So well done to all those that participated and who contributed either by donating cash, time, fund raising ideas and items for the auction and of course well done to those who offered generous auction bids. And congratulations Steve for organising the successful events and for raising such a magnificent amount of money for such a deserving cause.


Eastnor castle


Sunday 23rd October 2022 – Winter League No.1 – Bowbrook Farm, Drakes Broughton

Torrential rain greeted Malvern Anglers at Bowbrook farm pool, near Drakes Broughton, for their first Winter league match. Fortunately the rain cleared by the time fishing started and the weather turned fine and sunny for the rest of the day. Although fishing was patchy Ian Gand slow for most anglers, Ian Goddard used pole tactics with a variety of baits to catch a mixture of silver fish and carp up to about 3 pounds to finish first with a commendable weight of 21-13-0. After not having a bite for the first two hours, Frank Edwards persisted with method feeder tactics with flavoured pellet baits to eventually catch some carp for his second place weight of 14-15-0. Meanwhile, Graham Rees used similar pole tactics as Ian Goddard in the next peg for his third place weight of 11-11-0.


  1. Ian Goddard 21-13-0
  2. Frank Edwards 14-15-0
  3. Graham Rees 11-11-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 7-0-0
  5. Steven Peters 5-13-0
  6. Dwane Martin 2-8-0
  7. John Shaw 2-6-0
  8. Mick Perks 2-2-0

Sunday 16th October 2022 – Derek Evans Trophy – River Avon, Nafford

On a pleasant sunny day, Malvern anglers gathered at Nafford on the river Avon for their float-only match for the Derek Evans trophy. However, with lack of rain all summer, the river was in a very clear state with almost no flow – a bad sign for fishing prospects at this venue. Indeed many anglers struggled to catch anything other than an occasional small fish, especially on the upstream straight. Others on the downstream pegs performed somewhat better with small fish Dave Harrisbeing caught more regularly but overall weights were disappointing. On this occasion, veteran angler Dave Harris managed to nudge ahead by catching a number of small roach, skimmers and perch on pole fished maggot and worm to finish with a winning weight of 3-0-0. On the next peg downstream, Jeff Ackrill had a similar selection of fish to finish with a second place weight of 2-7-0. Meanwhile, on the last peg, third place Graham Rees was catching small fish on light pole tackle but then hooked into two large fish, probably barbel, that he was frustratingly unable to land.  


  1. Dave Harris 3-0-0
  2. Jeff Ackrill 2-7-0
  3. Graham Rees 1-15-0
  4. Mick Perks 1-12-0
  5. John Bolton 1-11-0
  6. Frank Edwards 1-7-0
  7. John Shaw 0-5-0
  8. Paul Weaving 0-4-0
  9. Steve Davies 0-1-0
  10. Ian Goddard 0-8-0

Sunday 9th October 2022 – River Series No.6 – River Severn, Holdfast

Following dismal results the previous week, Malvern Anglers gathered once again for another river series match at Holdfast, but this time the results could not have been more different. After some rain earlier in the week, the water level in the river Severn had risen a few inches resulting in more flow and a touch of colour that was sufficient to make the shoals of big bream feed in many pegs. Drawing a favoured upstream peg, John Bolton used a heavy groundbait feeder with maggots to catch several big bream up to six pounds which, together with some smaller skimmers and a remarkable specimen roach of almost two pounds, made up his winning weight of 69-8-0: this equalling John Boltonthe official match record for this water. In a nearby peg, Chris Loveridge used similar tactics to also catch a number of big bream, but not quite as many as the winner, to finish with an impressive second places weight of 52-6-0. At the other downstream end of the stretch, bream were also showing to enable Dave Green to weigh in another impressive third place weight of 29-10-0. However, the biggest bream of the day and the biggest bream ever recorded in the history of Malvern Anglers was a specimen of 9-2-0 caught by Paul Weaving – this was especially impressive as it was caught on a single maggot on a small hook with very light line.


  1. John Bolton 69-8-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 52-6-0
  3. Dave Green 29-14-0
  4. Tony Miessner 23-4-0
  5. Paul Weaving 22-0-0
  6. Steve Williams 15-1-0
  7. Mick Perks 11-10-0
  8. Steve Davis 11-3-0
  9. Ian Goddard 10-6-0
  10. Dennis Flanagan 8-9-0
  11. John Shaw 4-8-0
  12. Jeff Ackrill 3-11-0

This match was the final in the river series. After a series of very evenly fought matches both John Bolton and Paul Weaving ended up with 29 points. However, John takes the trophy as he caught a greater weight of fish overall. 

The picture below showing two specimen bream caught during the match with Dennis Flanagan on the left and Paul Weaving on the right with his fish of 9lb 2oz.


Paul Weaving



Sunday 2nd October 2022 – River Series No.5 – River Severn, Holdfast

A fine clear day greeted the 14 anglers who attended the 5th in the river series of matches at Holdfast. The shortage of summer rains was evident with the river being low and clear. This resulted in most anglers having to endure a tough match with very few or consistent bites. Ultimately, 8 anglers did not weigh in after the final whistle. The winner was Steve Peters who was fishing from Peg No.7 who worked hard using a feeder fished in the middle of the river with maggot and worm baits to snaffle a num,ber of perch to weigh in a creditable 3lb 6oz. In 2nd spot was Chris Loveridge who, using similar tactics weighed in 1lb 3oz. In 3rd was Paul Weaving who managed to haul in a couple of perch for 6oz in weight.


  1. Steve Peters 3-6-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 1-3-0
  3. Paul Weaving 0-6-0
  4. Mick Perks 0-5-0
  5. Ian Goddard 0-1-0
  6. Steve Warren 0-0-8

Sunday 25th September 2022 – Richard Webster Memorial Cup – River Severn, Red Roof Farm

Malvern Anglers travelled to the middle reaches of the river Severn at Red Roof farm for their Richard Webster memorial match – a picturesque venue that Richard liked to fish. Unfortunately, with the lack of rain this summer, the river was in a very low and clear condition Mickwhich, added to a cold overnight temperature and Northerly wind, did not bode well for good fishing as indeed most anglers struggled for bites. However, despite this, in form Mick Perks continued his winning run by catching a couple of dozen small chub of about 2 to 6 ounces each using a groundbait feeder with casters and maggots bait cast near the far bank of his downstream peg. Just a few ounces behind, Steve Warren used heavy float tactics with maggots  to fish the middle of the river and catch a number of chunky perch to finish with 4-6-0 while third place John Shaw also used float tactics to catch a number of small chub, roach and perch in his weight of 2-15-0. Best fish of the day was a perch of 1-15-0 caught by Ben Strong.


  1. Mick Perks 4-14-0
  2. Steve Warren 4-6-0
  3. John Shaw 2-15-0
  4. Steve Davies 2-7-0
  5. Ben Strong 2-3-0
  6. Steve Thomas 1-2-0
  7. Chris Loveridge 0-11-0
  8. John Bolton 0-4-0

Sunday 18st September 2022 – River Series No.4 – River Severn, Holdfast

The third of the River series of matches returned to Holdfast where the river Severn remained in extremely low and clear water conditions. Added to this, a sudden drop in overnight Micktemperatures with a cold Northerly wind in the preceding days did not bode well for fishing and indeed the results turned out to be far the lowest of the season as most anglers struggled for a bite with several failing to catch anything. Unlike in previous matches, there were no bream responding in any pegs to the usual groundbait feeder tactics. Having found this out after the first hour fishing the middle of the river, Mick Perks reverted to fishing the inside with worm bait where he caught 28 small perch lying near the end of a bush to finish with a winning weight of 3-14-0. Some way behind in second place, Steve Warren found three chub of about 8oz and a couple of small perch to finish with a weight of 1-12-0, while Steve Davies eventually reverted to bleak catching to finish third with 1-5-0.


1. Mick Perks 3-14-0
2. Steve Warren 1-12-0
3. Steve Davies 1-5-0
4. John Bolton 1-2-0
5. Dwayne Martin 0-11-0
6. Stuart Gardiner 0-7-0
7. Paul Weaving 0-3-0
8. Chris Loveridge 0-2-0
9. Graham Rees 0-1-0


Sunday 21st August 2022 – Roy Bouston Shield – River Severn, Holdfast

The Roy Bouston memorial match on the river Severn at Holdfast attracted the largest turnout of Malvern Anglers of the season. Although the continuing low river level and bright sunshine on the day suggested hard fishing conditions, in fact catches were much better than feared, especially as an encouraging numbers of skimmer bream were caught as well as some nice perch. Leading the way in one of the favoured upstream pegs, Paul Weaving used maggot feeder to net about a dozen skimmer bream up to a pound and a half which, together with some smaller perch, made up his winning weight of 19-10-0. Meanwhile, on the last downstream peg, Ian Goddard used similar tactics to catch similar fish in his second place net of 15-5-0 but was annoyed to have lost a barbel of about five pounds when it managed to get snagged in a bush close to being netted. Third place Steve Davis included a bream of about three pounds in his net of 11-14-0, while fourth place PaulJohn Shaw also enjoyed catching a several skimmer bream in his net of 10-9-0.

The group picture shows the first four place winners and the two section winners.


  1. Paul Weaving 19-10-0
  2. Ian Goddard 15-5-0
  3. Steve Davies 11-14-0
  4. John Shaw 10-9-0
  5. Steve Warren 6-9-0
  6. Dwayne Martin 6-0-0
  7. Graham Rees 4-14-0
  8. Frank Edwards 4-5-0
  9. John Bolton 3-15-0
  10. Chris Loveridge 3-4-0

Section Winners

Top section – Steve Warren

Bottom section – Graham Rees


Roy Bouston group


Sunday 7th August 2022 – River Series No.2 – River Avon, Nafford

On a sizzling hot day, with temperatures in the mid 30’s, Malvern Anglers held their second river series match on the river Avon at Nafford. In addition to such hot sunny weather, with clear water and not much flow, prospects of catching were pessimistic and indeed weights were low but perhaps a little better than feared. Pegged in a favoured downstream peg on the bend Chrisof the river, Ian Goddard managed to catch a few skimmer bream and other smaller fish on float fished maggot bait to finish with a winning weight of 7-3-0. In the next peg, newcomer Jeff Ackrill was very pleased to come second in his first-ever match with a net of 5-9-0, some way ahead of third place Dave Harris in the next peg with a weight of 3-9-0. Weights were lower on pegs further upstream although the best fish of the day were caught there with a perch of over a pound caught by Chris Loveridge and a large eel of about two pounds caught by John Bolton.


  1. Ian Goddard 7-3-0
  2. Jeff Ackrill 5-9-0
  3. Dave Harris 3-9-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 3-3-0
  5. Ben Strong 2-6-0
  6. John Bolton 2-3-0
  7. Steve Warren 2-0-0
  8. Martin Elston 1-14-0
  9. Steve Davis 1-14-0
  10. John Shaw 1-5-0


Sunday 7th August 2022 – Ron Thomas Shield – Holdfast

On another sunny morning, the Ron Thomas Shield contest at Holdfast saw another good turn out of Malvern anglers. With the very low river level and bright sky, the prospects of catching seemed somewhat pessimistic at the draw but, in fact, the results were much better than feared with plenty of fish being caught in many places along the stretch. However, once again, most of the bigger bream were caught on the upstream pegs with scatterings of smaller skimmers and Mickplenty of perch elsewhere. Leading the way this time from the start, Mick Perks caught some nice sized bream up to about four pounds on maggot feeder which together with smaller skimmers and perch made up his winning weight of 16-9-0. A couple of pegs below, Steve Davies caught more but smaller bream to come a close second with 15-13-0. Meanwhile, in the downstream pegs, there was a close contest for third place with Ian Goddard’s weight of 8-1-0 being just an ounce in front of Steve Warren with both anglers having nets made up of mainly of perch and smaller bream.


  1. Mick Perks 16-9-0
  2. Steve Davies 15-13-0
  3. Ian Goddard 8-1-0
  4. Steve Warren 8-0-0
  5. Dave Green 7-14-0
  6. Steve Williams 7-2-0
  7. Frank Edwards 7-0-0
  8. Paul Weaving 5-11-0
  9. John Shaw 3-14-0
  10. Stuart Gardiner 2-7-0

Sunday 31st July 2022 – Points Match – Top Barn Fishery

A warm but cloudy morning with a moderate southerly wind greeted the 8 anglers who booked in for this Championship Points match at Top Barn Fishery just north of Hallow. Conditions looked ideal for fishing although the expected carp did not appear in great numbers. In a close fought contest between the the eventual top two anglers, it was the bream that made the difference.  Steve Warren was forced to fish near some snags but this tactic resulted in lost fish and meant Frankthat he could not quite keep up with eventual winner Frank Edwards. Frank caught steadily using the method feeder technique using mostly sweetcorn as hook bait over a bed of 2mm pellets to catch a total of 32lb 3oz made up mostly of bream around the 3lb mark. Steve Warren ended up second place with 29lb 2oz of fish using both pole and leger techniques to assemble his catch. In third came Dwayne Martin with 15lb 4oz who drew a corner peg with a number of nearby snags resulting in several lost fish.


  1. Frank Edwards 32-3-0
  2. Steve Warren 29-2-0
  3. Dwayne Martin 15-4-0
  4. Graham Rees 11-1-0
  5. Ian Goddard 8-14-0
  6. Chris Loveridge 2-1-0
  7. Mick Perks 2-0-0
  8. Dave Stretton DNW

Sunday 24th July 2022 – Dick Oakley Shield – River Severn Holdfast

A warm but cloudy morning with a moderate Southerly wind greeted a good turnout of Malvern Anglers for their Dick Oakley shield match on the river Severn at Holdfast. Dick was a well loved member of the club who sadly died a few months ago and the shield in his memory was fished using the method that Dick favoured – leger only. As in all the previous matches on the Severn this season, the river level was extremely low but this time some of the bigger bream started to show in a few pegs. Indeed, the bulk of the bream shoal appeared to be in the topmost peg Steve Daviswhere Steve Davies started to catch several bream from the start, including some over five pounds, using maggot feeder to record the winning weight of 32-7-0 that was by far the best of the season so far. Not so many bream seemed to venture further down stream where second place Ian Goddard managed to catch a couple together with some smaller fish to finish second with 9-6-0 while John Bolton also managed to catch a couple for the third place weight of 7-11-0. At the end of the match, Dick Oakley’s daughter, Sue Yapp, came to witness the weigh in and congratulate the winner.


1. Steve Davies 32-7-0
2. Ian Goddard 9-6-0
3. John Bolton 7-11-0
4. Paul Weaving 5-13-0
5. Chris Loveridge 5-0-0
6. Steve Warren 4-9-0
7. Mick Perks 4-0-0
7. Dave Green 4-0-0
9. Frank Edwards 3-15-0
10. Graham Rees 3-14-0

Sunday 9nd July 2022 – River Series No.1  – River Severn Holdfast

A scorching hot day with bright sunshine together with very low, clear water in the river Severn at Holdfast did not bode well for catching fish in the first of Malvern Anglers river series match. Indeed, all anglers struggled to catch other than a few perch and bleak. After catching a some perch on maggot feeder, eventual winner Paul Weaver resorted to catching bleak on light float tackle to boost up his weight to 4-8-0. In the next peg, John Shaw used legered worm bait to catch several perch and small chub to finish second with 3-11-0. Perch also featured in Steve Warren’s the third place weight of 2-11-0.


1. Paul Weaver 4-8-0
2. John Shaw 3-11-0
3. Steve Warren 2-11-0
4. John Bolton 2-10-0
4. Steve Thomas 2-10-0
6. Dwane Martin 1-12-0
6. Ben Strong 1-12-0
8. Ian Goddard 1-9-0
9. Mick Perks 1-4-0
10. Graham Rees 1-2-0


John Shaw

Paul Weaver


Sunday 2nd July 2022 – John Perks Trophy  – River Severn Holdfast

Although a pleasant morning with some cloud cover Ian Gseemed to be ideal for fishing the John Perks trophy match on the river Severn at Holdfast, unfortunately the lack of rain in recent weeks resulted in very low and clear water conditions that made fish reluctant to feed. Indeed, Ian Goddard resorted again to catching bleak to make up the bulk of his winning weight of 5-6-0. Remarkably, this meagre weight was more than twice as much as the nearest rival with Paul Weaver coming second with 2-9-0 of mainly perch. Similarly, joint third place was shared by Mick Perks and John Wagstaff with nets of mainly perch weighing 1-15-0.   

1. Ian Goddard 5-6-0
2. Paul Weaver 2-9-0
3. Mick Perks 2-2-0
3. John Wagstaff 2-2-0
5. Roger Madders 1-15-0
5. Dave Green 1-15-0
7. Frank Edwards 1-5-0
8. Stuart Gardiner 1-0-0
9. Chris Loveridge 0-8-0
10. John Shaw 0-2-0


Sunday 26th June 2022 – Fitzwater Cup  – Whitehall Pool, Rushwick

The earlier postponed Fitzwater trophy match was re-arranged to be held at the picturesque Whitehall pool. Although the weather was mild, a very strong wind Lee Hmade conditions somewhat challenging for this float with rod and line contest. Nevertheless, there were plenty of mainly small fish caught in some pegs. Lee Harman used light tackle with maggot bait to accumulate a large number of small roach, rudd, perch and some better sized skimmer bream for his winning weight of 17-12-0. In the pegs either side, Ian Goddard and Chis Loveridge used similar tactics to finish second and third with weights of 12-6-0. 


1. Lee Harman 17-12-0
2. Ian Goddard 12-6-0
3. Chris Loveridge 9-3-0
4. Paul Weaver 8-8-0
5. Ken Yates 2-14-0
6. John Shaw 1-12-0
7. Mick Perks 0-9-0


Sunday 19th June 2022 – Newtown Shield  – River Severn, Holdfast

The start of the river season at Holdfast attracted a good turnout of Malvern Anglers for their Newtown Shield match in much colder and cloudy conditions than the scorching hot week before. A brisk Northerly wind also made fishing conditions difficult in some pegs as the bigger fish were somewhat reluctant to bite anywhere. Making the most of being drawn at the topmost peg of the stretch with some shelter from the wind, newcomer Paul Weaver tempted several nice Paulsized skimmer bream on maggot feeder tactics, which together with some other smaller perch and roach made up his winning weight of 9-14-0. In the bottom half of the stretch, Steve Davies used similar tactics to catch a number of skimmer bream to make up the second place weight of 7-15-0. Meanwhile, having failed to get any bites at the start with the feeder, Ian Goddard concentrated on catching smaller fish on light float tactics for the rest of the match to enable him to finish third with a weight of 5-7-9.


  1. Paul Weaving 9-14-0
  2. Steve Davies 7-15-0
  3. Ian Goddard 5-7-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 5-5-0
  5. Frank Edwards 3-14-0
  6. Dave Green 2-15-0
  7. Lee Harman 1-12-0
  8. Ben Strong 1-3-0
  9. Graham Rees 1-3-0
  10. Steve Warren 0-15-0

Sunday 8th May 2022 – Spring League No.6 – Whitehall Pool, Rushwick

Another pleasant morning greeted Malvern Anglers to their final Spring League match at the new venue of Whitehall pool near Rushwick. On one side of the pool, Steve Thomas used light pole whip tackle with maggot and caster bait to catch two or three nice sized bream amongst many other smaller fish for his weight of 11-0-0. However, this was not quite enough to prevent Ian Goddard on the other side of the pool from winning with a net of 11-14-0 composed of various silver fish but boosted by a carp of over two pounds that he caught on pole fished maggots at the start of the match. In the next peg, Frank Edwards persisted with leger tactics that were eventually rewarded with a single bream of over 5 pounds that took third place with a net of 5-10-0.


  1. Ian Goddard 11-14-0
  2. Steve Thomas 11-0-0
  3. Frank Edwards 5-10-0
  4. John Shaw 5-7-0
  5. Mick Perks 1-3-0

Steve Thomas

Ian G


Sunday 24th April 2022 – Spring League No.5 – Grebe Pool, Top Barn Fishery.

Another bright, sunny day but with a keen North Easterly wind welcomed Malvern Anglers to the Grebe pool of Top Barn fishery for their fifth Spring league match. Unlike on previous matches at this venue, big carp did not feature significantly in the weights but rather Ian Ga few nice bream and silver fish were caught. In the more sheltered end of the pool, Ian Goddard managed to catch a couple of bream over two pounds and a smaller one on pole fished maggot which, together with some smaller fish made up his winning weight of 10-6-0. In contrast, Chris Loveridge caught a tench of over two pounds and a carp of over five pounds on legered sweetcorn to feature in his second place weight of 9-2-0. Although Graham Rees started off well by catching a bream of about three pounds on pole fished maggot in the first few minutes, he had to wait until near the end of the match to catch another bream to add to a number of smaller silver fish for his third place weight of 8-10-0.


  1. Ian Goddard 10-6-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 9-2-0
  3. Graham Rees 8-10-0
  4. John Shaw 6-15-0
  5. Ken Yates 3-8-0
  6. Frank Edwards 2-15-0
  7. Mick Perks 0-1-0