MUAA Club Championship Points Table 2019/20

The current leader of the MUAA Club Championship points table is MUAA Club Chairman Ian Goddard who has so far accumulated 93 points, now just 3 points ahead of 2nd placed Lee Harman. Chris Loveridge retains 3rd spot with 78 points. The full table showing everyone who has won at least a point is reproduced below.

MUAA Club Championship Points Table


Winter League 2019 Table

Below is the 2019 Winter League table after 3 matches. Leading the pack is MUAA Club Secretary Mick Perks with 20 points closely followed by Lee Harman with 18 points and Steve Warren with 17 points.

MUAA Winners

Sunday 24th November 2019 – Winter League No.3 – Buddleia Pool, Astwood Fishery, Stoke Prior.

After heavy rain the previous day, Malvern Anglers were pleased to get dry but dull weather for their third Winter League match, this time on Buddleia Pool at Astwood fishery. Although most anglers were able to catch silver fish mainly consisting of a few roach, perch and skimmer bream, the winning weights were dominated by the anglers who were lucky enough to land the occasional big carp. Indeed, while set up with light tackle using maggots to catch silver fish, Lee Harman was surprised to hook into a large carp over twelve pounds but skilfully managedLee to land it and thereby boost his total weight to win with 22-8-0. Similarly, Graham Rees was able to net an even bigger carp of over thirteen pounds to boost his total weight to 18-4-0 and finish in second place. Meanwhile, Steve Warren added two carp of about four pounds to his other silver fish for his third place weight of 16-6-0.


  1. Lee Harman 22-8-0
  2. Graham Rees 18-4-0
  3. Steve Warren 16-6-0
  4. Ian Goddard 10-8-0
  5. Nigel Bayliss 10-0-0
  6. Mick Perks 6-8-0
  1. Paul Lane 6-8-0
  2. Frank Edwards 6-2-0
  3. John Shaw 5-8-0
  1. Chris Loveridge 5-8-0



Sunday 10th November 2019 – Winter League No.2 – Willow Pool, Broadheath Fishery.

After frosty then and very wet weather the day before, a good turn out of Malvern Anglers were very pleased to have a dry day to fish their second Winter League match on Willow Pool at Broadheath fisheries. Compared to the bumper weights that were caught at this venue in their charity match a few weeks ago, the results were much lower in the Winter-like water temperature and generally bites were few and far between. Nevertheless, there were a few good fish caught and, apart from the winning weight of 48-13-0 by Paul Lane, results were very tight between the rest of the field.  Paul’s winning weight was composed of a few very big carp Paulup to about ten pounds caught on pole fished luncheon meat. A long way behind with a weight of 18-7-0, second place Steve Warren caught a few smaller carp on a combination of baits while close behind him in third place, Mick Perks had a few carp on maggots.


  1. Paul Lane 48-13-0
  2. Steve Warren 18-7-0
  3. Mick Perks 17-9-0
  4. Frank Edwards 16-12-0
  5. John Shaw 16-2-0
  6. Lee Harman 16-0-0
  7. Neil Gardiner 10-10-0
  8. Dave Stretton 10-5-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 10-5-0
  10. Roly Baldwin 9-15-0



Sunday 3rd November 2019 – Winter League No.1 & Roy Bouston Shield – Astwood Fishery, Stoke Prior.

After being postponed for some weeks because of heavy rain and flooding of the river Severn, Malvern Anglers were at last able to hold their popular Roy Bouston memorial match on a pool at Astwood fisheries. Indeed, in the context of recent wet and stormy weather, anglers welcomed a dry day for the match on this well maintained venue. Although the fishing may have been somewhat patchy in places around the pool, it nevertheless provided a very good match with a tight result for first place. The top three winning weights all came from a shady quarter of the pool, while anglers enjoying the sunshine on the other side were less fortunate with their catches. Leading the way with a winning weight of 29-1-0, Chris Loveridge Chris Astwoodused leger tactics with a variety of baits including bread, sweetcorn and luncheon meat to land a net of mainly carp up to about five pounds. A couple of pegs away, Dave Stetton used similar tactics to land a similar net of fish to finish second with a weight of 27-6-0, leaving the rest of the competitors some way behind.


  1. Chris Loveridge 29-1-0
  2. Dave Stretton 27-6-0
  3. Ian Goddard 15-3-0
  4. Mick Perks 14-3-0
  5. Clive Harman 9-13-0
  6. Graham Rees 9-2-0
  7. John Shaw 8-8-0
  8. Lee Harman 8-0-0
  9. Frank Edwards 6-2-0
  10. Nigel Bayliss 4-4-0







Wednesday 25th September 2019 – Acorns Charity Match – Lower Broadheath Fishery

Acorns winner

A mid-week fishing charity match to raise money for Acorns children’s hospice was a great success. The event organised by Richard Webster, match secretary of Malvern Angling club, was held a Broadheath fisheries where the owner, John Jordan, generously gave free access to three of his best pools to be used for the match. After the previous day of stormy wet weather,  a remarkably fine day greeted the 25 anglers who started the day with a welcome barbecue breakfast. The fishing was also remarkably fine, with plenty of fish being caught by anglers throughout the match on each of the pools. Keith Builder, who had travelled all the way from Bristol to take part in the match, was overall winner with a magnificent weight of 209lb 14oz, with his catch consisting mainly of carp caught on pole-fished luncheon meat. There were several weights over a hundred pounds in the total tally of over 1600 pounds weighed in by 22 anglers. A raffle and auction of a big teddy bear at the end of the match boosted the overall sum raised by the event to an amazing £776 for the Acorns charity, for which the organiser was overwhelmed with gratitude for the support given by the anglers, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Acorns group snap



Sunday 15th September 2019 – Pool Event, Court Farm Fishery, Deblins Green

For the first time in the Malvern club’s history, a winning weight of more than a hundred pounds was exceeded on the match at Court Farm fishery. In perfect conditions for fishing, there were plenty of fish caught, with carp up to about five pounds feeding well in most places. Fishing in a favoured corner peg near the car park, Dave Stretton caught a succession of carp on pole fished sweet corn Dave Strettento finish with an impressive winning weight of 103-1-0. In contrast, in a nearby peg,  Frank Edwards used a method feeder with pellet bait to catch almost as many similar sized carp to finish second with a weight of 88-1-0. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pool, Richie Webster pole fished bread and sweet corn to finish third with 80-8-0.


1.Dave Stretton 103-1-0

2. Frank Edwards 88-11-0

3. Richie Webster 80-8-0

4. John Shaw 73-4-0

5. Lee Harman 65-10-0

6. Ken Yates 63-14-0

7. Roly Baldwin 53-3-0

8. Mick Perks 36-2-0

9. C Johnson 35-14-0

10. Ian Goddard 32-9-0





Sunday 8th September 2019 – River Series No.1 – River Severn, Holdfast

A bright, sunny day greeted Malvern Anglers for the first of their series of river Severn matches at Holdfast. After a cold night with low and clear river conditions, there was little optimism of heavy weights of bream and indeed this was borne out from the results which were much lower that in earlier matches in the season. The match weights were dominated by anglers on the two ends of the stretch, with anglers mid way struggling to catch very much. At the upstream end of the stretch, Paul Lane using swim feeder with worm and maggot bait caught a bream of Paulalmost six pounds shortly after the start of the match and continued to catch several skimmer bream, with smaller roach and perch to make up his winning weight of 12-4-0. In the next peg, Nigel Bayliss also caught skimmer bream to weigh in 7-11-0 but this in the end was narrowly beaten into third place by Lee Harman’s weight of 7-12-0 of skimmer bream from the last downstream peg. In the next peg to Lee, Mick Perks gave his neighbour a close chase with 7-7-0 of skimmer bream.


  1. Paul Lane 12-4-0
  2. Lee Harman 7-12-0
  3. Nigel Baylis 7-11-0
  4. Mick Perks 7-7-0
  5. Dave Stetton 4-14-0
  6. John Wagstaff 3-8-0
  7. Frank Edwards 1-15-0
  8. Richie Webster 1-4-0
  9. Dick Oakley 1-3-0
  10. John Shaw 0-12-0



Sunday 1st September 2019 – Derek Evans Trophy – River Severn, Holdfast

On a bright, cool morning, Malvern Anglers were limited to float only methods for their Derek Evans memorial match on the river Severn at Holdfast. Unfortunately the clear water and cool downstream wind were not ideal conditions for this match, with most anglers struggling to catch anything other than a few small fish and consequently weights were low. Nevertheless there was close competition for the winning weight and indeed the result was a tie between Ian Goddard and Paul Lane. In a peg near the upstream end of the water, Ian Goddard initially caught a few roach at depth but then resorted to catching bleak near the surface to make up the bulk of his 3-3-0 weight. Meanwhile, lower down the river, Paul Lane’s Ian and Paulidentical weight was made up of several skimmers caught using a sliding float some way out in the river. No doubt that the most frustrated angler on the day was Chris Loveridge who, having caught a good sized bream, in his excitement managed to miss putting the fish into his keepnet.


1. Ian Goddard & Paul Lane 3-3-0

3. John Shaw 1-2-0

4. Richie Webster & Nigel Bayliss 1-1-0

6. Graham Rees 0-14-0

7. Lee Harman 0-13-0

8. Chris Loveridge 0-12-0

9. Roly Baldwin 0-6-0




Sunday 11th August 2019 – Committee Match – River Severn, Red Roof Farm, Near Kidderminster

On a pleasant but breezy day, Malvern Anglers enjoyed their day out to the middle reaches of the river Severn at Red Roof farm near Kidderminster. After recent stormy weather, the river was running through with some extra water but nevertheless all anglers were able to catch some fish, albeit mainly smaller ones in most places. Indeed, after catching only small fish for most of the match in the middle peg of the water, club veteran Chris Loveridge successfully changed tactics and cast a heavy swim feeder towards the far side of the river to catch three nice sized bream to boost his winning weight to 10-15-0.  Meanwhile, on a Chris red roofdownstream peg, Richie Webster persisted with casters on the inside of the river to finish second with an impressive net of roach weighing in at 7-1-0. Other weights were made up mainly of smaller fish with the occasional better sized skimmer bream, perch, eel or chub.


  1. Chris Loveridge 10-15-0
  2. Richie Webster 7-1-0
  3. Ian Goddard 5-3-0
  4. Mick Perks 4-0-0
  5. John Shaw 3-9-0
  6. Chris Johnson 2-15-0
  7. Martin Elston 1-12-0
  8. Graham Rees 1-4-0
  9. Frank Edwards 1-3-0




Sunday 28th July 2019 – Dick Oakley Shield – River Severn, Holdfast

After a scorching hot weather earlier in the week, Malvern Anglers found pleasantly cooler and cloudy conditions for their Dick Oakley shield match on the river Severn at Holdfast. Although this match was limited to ledger or swim-feeder methods, this would have been the first choice for all anglers anyway. In the first hour of the match, most anglers were able to catch some bream, including some good sized ones. However, after this promising start, it seemed that the bream stopped feeding for anglers in most pegs except for Chris Loveridge who continued Chris DO shieldto catch in periods throughout the match from a peg towards the downstream end of the stretch. Consequently, Chris using swim-feeder with maggots and worm baits, finished with a winning weight of 23-8-0 of bream up to five pounds each. Some way behind, at the upstream end of the stretch, second place Ian Goddard weighted in 12-8-0 and third place Dave Stretton 9-12-0, with these nets mainly made up of a few bream caught in the first hour of the match.


  1. Chris Loveridge 23-8-0
  2. Ian Goddard 12-4-0
  3. Dave Stretton 9-14-0
  4. Pete Roberts 8-12-0
  5. Frank Edwards 7-3-0
  6. Dave Green 6-14-0
  7. Ken Yates 6-5-0
  8. John Shaw 4-6-0
  9. Lee Harman 3-8-0
  10. Nigel Bayliss 2-11-0




Sunday 21st July – Pool Match – Ledbury Pool

On a pleasantly warm cloudy day, a good turn out of Malvern Anglers enjoyed their visit to Ledbury Anglers pool at Ashperton.  Although there were plenty of small silver fish and a couple of good sized chub caught, the winning weights were dominated by a few larger sized carp from one half of the pool. After trying for some time without much success, Richie Webster finally found some carp by a patch of water lilies using maggots with pole tackle to finish with a winning weight of 20-7-0, just ahead of Lee Harman in the adjacent peg. A few pegs further along, Dick Oakley, now in the week of his 87th birthday, used maggot with feeder tactics to net four nice sized carp and a few smaller fish for a third place weight of 14-9-0, although he did loose a big carp that could have won him the match.


  1. Richie Webster 20-7-0
  2. Lee Harman 17-1-0
  3. Dick Oakley 14-9-0
  4. Rolly Baldwin 12-4-0
  5. Steve Warren 4-3-0
  6. Mick Perks 3-13-0
  7. Dan Cooper 3-8-0
  8. John Shaw 3-2-0
  9. Mike Cloely 2-11-0
  10. Nigel Bayliss 2-7-0









Sunday 14th July – John Perks Shield – River Severn, Holdfast

The Malvern United Angling Association’s club water on the river Severn at Holdfast attracted a good turn out of competitors for the John Perks shield match. With river and weather conditions being good, prospects for catching were optimistic and indeed this proved to be the case for some pegs, while in other places anglers struggled to catch. Rolly Baldwin was lucky enough to draw the end peg for the second time in two consecutive matches and he used his knowledge of the peg since the last match to his advantage to start catching of bream up to five pounds from the start on a mixture of maggot, worm and caster baits.  His match winning weight of 37-0-0 was substantially ahead of second place Ian Goddard who managed to net a few good sized bream for his second place weight of 20-11-0. Meanwhile, in a less fancied peg,  Richie Webster caught several bream during a brief period at the start but then then struggled to get bites towards the end of the match but nevertheless caught enough to finish third with 17-4-0.

ResultsJ.Perks winner

  1. Rolly Baldwin 37-0-0
  2. Ian Goddard 20-11-0
  3. Richie Webster 17-4-0
  4. Dave Green 12-13-0
  5. Paul Lane 9-9-0
  6. Chris Johnson 7-10-0
  7. Dan Cooper 4-14-0
  8. Nigel Bayliss 4-10-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 3-14-0
  10. Frank Edwards 0-2-0







Sunday 30th June 2019 – Newtown Shield – River Severn, Holdfast

After a delay of two weeks because of a flooded river Severn, Malvern Anglers were at last able to fish their Newtown Shield match at Holdfast. After a warm week, river levels had dropped nicely and conditions looked favourable for good weights that indeed proved to be the case as some good catches of bream were recorded along the stretch. Leading the weights, Chris Loveridge caught several good sized bream up to seven pounds on maggot feeder to finish with 34-5-0. Not far behind in second place was Paul Lane with several bream up to about four pounds and a nice sized chub. Meanwhile, on the end peg of the stretch, new member Rolly Baldwin was pleased to finish third with a net of 23-3-0, just ahead of Dave Green and Ian Goddard who also had nets weights of over 20 pounds.


  1. Chris Loveridge 34-5-0
  2. Paul Lane 29-4-0
  3. Rolly Baldwin 23-3-0
  4. Dave Green 21-4-0
  5. Ian Goddard 20-6-0
  6. Lee Harman 10-12-0
  7. Richie Webster 8-10-0
  8. Frank Edwards 7-6-0
  9. Dave Stretton 4-12-0
  10. Nigel Bayliss 4-6-0






Sunday 2nd June 2019 – Fitzwater Cup – Hartleton Pool, Upton Bishop.

After being hot the previous day, the weather turned wet and somewhat windy for Malvern Angler’s Fitzwater Cup match at Hartleton pool. Although this match was restricted to float only with old fashioned rod & line tackle, it was enjoyed by all and there were plenty of fish caught, with the final results turning out to be very close. Leading the way, Chris Loveridge showed his proficiency at rod & line fishing with a waggler float and maggot bait to accumulate a net of small roach and skimmer bream for a winning weight of 11-12-0. At the other end of the pool, Ian Goddard used similar tactics to catch a similar selection of fish to finish a close second with 11-9-0, just ahead of Martin Elston in the next peg with a third place weight of 10-14-0.


  1. Chris Loveridge 11-12-0
  2. Ian Goddard 11-9-0
  3. Martin Elston 10-14-0
  4. Lee Harman 9-9-0
  5. Nigel Bayliss 8-3-0
  6. Mick Perks 7-11-0
  7. Clive Harman 5-15-0
  8. Gary Kennett 4-4-0
  9. Ken Yates 3-11-0
  10. John Shaw 2-11-0








Sunday 19th May 2019 – Spring League No.6 – Harleton Pool, Upton Bishop.

Malvern Anglers gathered at Hartleton pool for the sixth and last of their Spring league matches. Although weather conditions were good, the fishing was somewhat patchy and disappointing as most anglers found some short periods of bites interspersed with longer dead periods. Nevertheless, eventual winner Nigel Bayliss was able to accumulate a some bream and skimmers throughout the match using pole fished pellet to weigh in 13-6-0.  In the next peg, after starting on pole tactics with little success,  Lee Harman switched to maggot feeder to find a few bream and skimmers to come second with a weight of 11-8-0. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pool, Martin Elston worked hard fishing a waggler float at long range with maggot bait to finish third 9-11-0.

Although Dan Cooper was unable to fish this match, his performances over the previous matches were sufficient for him to accumulate enough points to become the overall winner of this best of four out of six Spring league match series.


  1. Nigel Bayliss 13-6-0
  2. Lee Harman 11-8-0
  3. Martin Elston 9-11-0
  4. Frank Edwards 6-6-0
  5. Graham Rees 6-2-0
  6. Ken Yates 4-8-0
  7. Steve Warren 4-4-0
  8. Ian Goddard 3-11-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 2-15-0
  10. Richie Webster 2-0-0






Sunday 12th May 2019 – Spring League No.5 – Charlie’s Pool, Broadacres Fishery, near Hanbury, Worcs.

Very pleasant weather conditions of a blue sky with bright sunshine and little wind greeted Malvern Anglers for their fifth Spring League contest on Charlie’s pool at Broadacre fishery. Although there were plenty of carp seen moving around the pool, they seemed more interested in trying to spawn or basking in the sunlight than feeding on anything that the anglers had to offers. As a result, weights were disappointingly low for this venue, with most anglers struggling to accumulate any substantial weights. Winner this time was young Dan Cooper who, after catching a number of silver fish on maggot, changed to pellets to tempt two or three carp to finish with 12-2-0. In a nearby peg, Steve Warren found a small shoal of ide willing to rise to his pellet bait to finish a close second with a weight of 11-7-0. Meanwhile, Chris Loveridge did manage to tempt three modest sized carp on luncheon meat to finish third with 9-7-0.


  1. Dan Cooper 12-2-0
  2. Steve Warren 11-7-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 9-7-0
  4. Dave Stretton 6-2-0
  5. Ian Goddard 5-0-0
  6. Frank Edwards 4-13-0
  7. Nigel Bayliss 4-4-0
  8. Dave Harris 4-0-0
  9. Ken Yates 2-12-0
  10. Mick Perks 2-7-0






Sunday 28th April 2019 – Spring League No.4 – Court Farm Fishery, Deblins Green.

On a cool breezy morning, a good turn out of Malvern Anglers gathered at Court Farm fishery for the fourth of their Spring League matches. Although the cold overnight conditions may have made fish somewhat more reluctant to feed than expected for this venue, most competitors were able to catch reasonably well with rudd and carp featuring in their nets. Lee Harman made the most from drawing a favoured corner peg, with no one in the next peg, to net a winning weight of 41-0-0 consisting mainly of carp up to five pounds caught on pole fished maggots near the reeds. Some way behind, second place Dan Cooper worked hard to net 25-2-0 of carp from a less favoured peg while Mick Perks fished in the face of the wind to catch a number of smaller carp for a third place weight of 15-6-0. Following these were a number of others with similar double figure weights.


  1. Lee Harman 41-0-0
  2. Dan Cooper 25-2-0
  3. Mick Perks 15-6-0
  4. Clive Harman 14-15-0
  5. Dave Stretton 14-9-0
  6. Ken Yates 14-6-0
  7. Richie Webster 12-9-0
  8. Nigel Bayliss 11-15-0
  9. John Shaw 11-14-0
  10. Graham Rees 11-12-0







Sunday 14th April 2019 – Spring League No.3 – Stock Pool, Broadacres, Hanbury.

Fourteen MUAA anglers assembled on a bright, breezy and chilly morning at Broadacres fishery for the third of the Spring  League series of matches.  The venue is predominantly a carp venue and anglers tackled up with these fish as the main target. In an evenly fought contest, Club veteran Ken Yates drawn on peg number 2 and, using the method feeder technique in anger for the first time, put his research, training and practise to good effect by landing several carp to win the match with a weight of 30lb 14oz. Drawn on peg number 6, Dan Cooper was runner up also with a good bag of carp caught mostly using a “slapping” technique weighing in 28lb 2oz of fish. In third place with 26lb 11oz and beating Richard Webster  on the adjacent peg by just 3oz came Ian Goddard fishing from peg number 5 who caught most of his carp using pole fished 6mm pellets.

Results:Ken Yate-Broadacres

  1. Ken Yates 30-14-0
  2. Dan Cooper 28-2-0
  3. Ian Goddard 26-11-0
  4. Richard Webster 26-8-0
  5. Chris Loveridge 24-10-0
  6. Lee Harman 21-10-0
  7. Nigel Bayliss  20-4-0
  8. Mick Perks 19-13-0
  9. Paul Lane 15-11-0
  10. Dick Oakley 13-10-0
  11. Frank Edwards 12-4-0
  12. Steve Warren 10-1-0
  13. Clive Harman 9-4-0






Sunday 24th March 2019 – Spring League No.2 – Millpool Fishery, Tarrington.

In contrast to the stormy conditions of the previous Spring league match, a pleasantly sunny and calm day welcomed Malvern Anglers to their second match at Tarrington pool. This venue was ideal for this “silver fish” only match, as it holds a good numbers of roach, bream and perch, although many of them small. Indeed, all anglers were able to catch small fish during the match, although the bright sun and cool water conditions seemed to put the larger fish off feeding so much. Consequently, no very big weights were caught, but this resulted in a very close finish to the match with little between the first few places. Winner this time was Paul Lane, who was lucky to boost his good net of smaller fish with a nice perch of almost three pounds to total 12-10-0 putting him just ahead of second place Dave Harris with 12-3-0 and third place Shaun Taylor with 11-8-0.


  1. Paul Lane 12-10-0
  2. Dave Harris 12-3-0
  3. Shaun Taylor 11-8-0
  4. Dan Cooper 10-7-0
  5. Lee Harman 8-14-0
  6. Dave Stretton 8-8-0
  7. Richard Webster 8-2-0
  8. Frank Edwards 7-7-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 7-6-0
  10. Steve Warren 6-9-0






Sunday 10th March 2019 – Spring League No.1 – Ash Pool, Lower Broadheath Fishery

Ash pool at Broadheath fishery was the venue for the first of Malvern Anglers series of Spring league. However, the weather to welcome the good turn out of competitors was more befitting of winter, with sleet showers and a strong cold wind. Indeed the wind, sometimes gale force, was a major factor in limiting the fishing methods that were possible and the ability to see bites. For the most part, anglers were limited to using short quiver tip rods with ledger or feeder tactics. Nevertheless, in spite of the challenging conditions, there were some good fish caught. Leading the field, Shaun Taylor used a method feeder with maggot bait to net several carp up to about ten pounds to finish with an impressive 54-9-0. Some way behind, Ian Goddard combatted the strong wind with a very short feeder rod with maggot bait to net several smaller carp to finish second with 21-10-0, just ahead of Frank Edwards’ carp bag of 20-2-0 on the opposite side of the pool.


  1. Shaun Taylor 54-9-0
  2. Ian Goddard 21-10-0
  3. Frank Edwards 20-12-0
  4. Nigel Bayliss 12-4-0
  5. Graham Rees 11-5-0
  6. Mick Perks 10-6-0
  7. Steve Warren 9-15-0
  8. Lee Harman 9-13-0
  9. John Shaw 7-0-0
  10. Dick Oakley 2-3-0





MUAA 2018/19 Season Trophy Winners

Listed in the table below are the trophy winners for the 2018/19 season. Congratulations to all concerned. Trophies will be presented to the winners at the MUAA Annual General Meeting being held at the Newtown Club, Newtown Road, Malvern on Thursday 25th April at 7.30pm

MUAA Winners


MUAA Club Championship Points Table

Below is the final MUAA Club Championship Points table for the 2018/19 season. Despite finding the going tough during the final match of the season at Willow Farm (see report below) Lee Harman has secured the Championship with 123 points ahead of Chris Loveridge with 116 points who was just one point ahead of Nigel Bayliss in third.

MUAA Club Championship 2019



2018/19 Winter River League – Sue Troughton Shield

Sunday 3rd March saw the final match in the Winter River League Competition for 2018/19. The Turnout for the day, saw six Competitors turning up at Holdfast to do battle  despite the impending arrival of storm Freya. The river Severn looked in good condition  running low, slow and clear with the result deciding who would become the Winter River League champion.

Two splendid nets of bream were tempted by Paul Lane and Chris Loveridge who also caught 2 decent chub from down the inside edge (and lost a third). Frank Edwards also did well catching 23lb of bream but the day belonged to MUAA club veteran Dick Oakley. Dick came 4th on the day but his earlier form and with the countback included (where the worst result is dropped from the final results table) secured him the title of 2018/19 Winter River League Champion and the Sue Troughton Shield.


  1. Paul Lane              Peg 3     36lb 0oz
  2. Chris Loveridge  Peg 5     29lb 8oz
  3. Frank Edwards    Peg 14   23lb 0oz
  4. Dick Oakley          Peg 11    3lb 2oz










Above, Paul Lane (left) with his winning net of bream and Winter River League Champion Dick Oakley.

Final Table

Winter River League 2018-2019
Name Points Weight
1st Dick Oakley 38 pts 6lb 12oz
2nd Paul Lane 37 pts 37lb 01oz
3rd Chris Loveridge 33 pts 30lb 16oz
4th Frank Edwards 27 pts 23lb 10oz
5th Martin Elston 13 pts 1lb 03oz
6th Steve Warren 5 pts  
7th Steve Davies 2 pts  
8th Nigel Bayliss 2 pts  
9th Gary Kennett 1 pts  


Winter League Table

With the final Winter League match at Willow Farm fishery having taken place, the resulting Winter League table (with the “count back” calculation included to allow for the best of 4 results from the 6 matches) is published below. The series of matches resulted in a close finish but despite blanking at the final match, Lee Harmen secured the Winter League title with 31 points from Frank Edwards with 29 points. In third place is Nigel Bayliss on 27 points.


MUAA Winter League 2018-2019
Leader Board
Name Points Weight
1st Lee Harman 31 pts 94lb.02oz
2nd Frank Edwards 29 pts 39lb.03oz
3rd Nigel Bayliss 27 pts 30lb.15oz
4th Ian Goddard 26 pts 20lb.06oz
5th Chris Loveridge 26 pts 19lb.15oz
6th Paul Lane 22 pts 23lb.06oz
7th Dave Harris 19 pts 17lb.06oz
8th Steve Warren 19 pts 14lb.08oz
9th Shaun Taylor 18 pts 56lb.05oz
10th John Shaw 18 pts 31lb.15oz
11th Ken Yates 14 pts 23lb.08oz
12th Mick Perks 13 pts 18lb.12oz
13th Dick Oakley 11 pts 16lb.00oz
14th Richard Webster 10 pts 16lb.11oz
15th Clive Harman 6 pts 12lb.06oz
16th Graham Rees 6 pts 9lb.10oz
17th John Myers 5 pts 0lb.01oz
18th Ryan Cooper 1 pts 5lb.00oz


Sunday 24th February 2019 – Winter League No.6 – Willow Farm, Near Evesham

After a foggy start, a warm sunny February day welcomed Malvern Anglers for their final Winter league match at Willow farm, near Evesham. Unfortunately, the fishing result did not match up to the weather conditions, with far the lowest weights of the series being returned. Just two small bream totalling 2-5-0, caught on method feeder,  were enough to claim first place for Frank Edwards. John Shaw was surprised to finish second after catching just eight small fish on float fished single maggot to weigh 0-10-0. Chris Loveridge had some even smaller fish to finish third with 0-5-0, while the remaining competitors struggled to get a bite.


  1. Frank Edwards 2-5-0
  2. John Shaw 0-10-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 0-5-0
  4. Nigel Bayliss 0-4-0
  5. Ian Goddard 0-2-0
  6. Steve Warren 0-1-0
  7. John Myers 0-1-0










Sunday 10th February 2019 – Winter League No.5 – Court Farm Fishery, Callow End

Malvern Anglers gathered for their fifth Winter league match at Court farm pool in Callow End. After overnight rain cleared during the first part of the match, a cold wind set in that made conditions difficult for some. Once again,  fishing was patchy with some anglers on one end of the pool catching very little, while others managed better bags. Once again, last time winner Lee Harman led the way with about ten carp up to four pounds caught on pole fished maggots to win with a weight of 27-7-0 from a corner peg. On the other side of the pool, Nigel Bayliss confronted the strong head wind with a catch of eight carp and a perch to finish second with 20-10-0 while Shaun Taylor in the next peg faced similar conditions to finish with a similar bag of carp weighing 18-14-0 for third place.


  1. Lee Harman 27-7-0
  2. Nigel Bayliss 20-10-0
  3. Shaun Taylor 18-14-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 15-1-0
  5. Graham Rees 9-10-0
  6. Mick Perks 6-2-0
  7. Dick Oakley 5-7-0
  8. Frank Edwards 4-13-0
  9. Ian Goddard 3-6-0






Sunday 27th January 2019 – Winter League No.4 – Lower Broadheath Fishery

A cold day with a particularly strong wind faced Malvern Anglers for their fourth Winter League match on Sycamore pool at Broadheath fishery. While some anglers were lucky to draw pegs partially sheltered from the wind, others faced the teeth of the wind that made fishing difficult with bites almost impossible to detect. Nevertheless, Lee Harman, who was drawn in a favoured corner peg, managed to catch consistently throughout the match using swim feeder with maggot bait to net a dozen nice sized carp to finish with a winning weight of 53-7-0.   Along the more open and windier side of the pool, John Shaw used swim feeder with worm bait to finish second with a 26-7-0 net that included a nice sized bream and some carp, including one of over ten pounds. Meanwhile, on the more sheltered side of the pool, Frank Edwards had some smaller carp to weigh 12-2-0 for third place, just ahead of Steve Warren with a similar net of fish for 10-14-0.


  1. Lee Harman 53-7-0
  2. John Shaw 26-7-0
  3. Frank Edwards 12-2-0
  4. Steve Warren 10-14-0
  5. Ian Goddard 2-12-0
  6. Chris Loveridge 2-7-0







Sunday 19th December 2018 – Fur and Feather – Lower Broadheath Fishery

A bright, sunny morning welcomed a good number of Malvern Anglers for their much anticipated Fur & Feather match at Broadheath fisheries. After an appetising barbeque breakfast of bacon and sausage baps, anglers set off to their pegs on the Ash pool. However, after the two previously very cold days, anglers were confronted with some thin, patchy ice in their swims. Given the very cold water conditions, it was not surprising that fish were reluctant to feed and indeed many anglers failed to catch. In such conditions, it was a single carp of about seven pounds that was enough to win the match and the angler in this case was Steve Davies who luckily foul hooked the fish in the tail fin, remarkably with a small hook and light tackle that consequently took him some time to land the fish. However, the best performance of the match was certainly from Paul Lane who managed to catch nice net of small roach on maggots and worms to finish second with 5-15-0, leaving the Clive Harman’s single carp 4-15-0 in third place and Nigel Bayliss’ single carp of 2-4-0 in fourth place.


  1. Steve Davies 7-4-0
  2. Paul Lane 5-15-0
  3. Clive Harman 4-15-0
  4. Nigel Bayliss 2-4-0
  5. Alan Perry 1-6-0
  6. Lee Harman 1-5-0
  7. John Shaw 1-0-0
  8. Ken Yates 0-14-0
  9. Chris Loveridge 0-5-0


MUAA F&F group photo.JPG


Sunday 25th November 2018 – Winter League 3 – Willow Pool, Lower Broadheath

The third of Malvern Angler’s series of Winter league matches at Willow pool of Broadheath fisheries attracted another good turn out of competitors. Unfortunately, the continuing cold spell of weather, with a chilling Easterly wind, resulted in catches being less than expected, as most anglers struggled for bites. However, having been absent from the clubs matches for more than a year, Shaun Taylor returned to draw a favoured corner peg where he was able to exploit his luck by catching several carp on feeder fished maggots to finish with a runaway winning weight of 37-7-0. Fishing further along the side of the pool, second place Ken Yates used similar tactics to weigh in 15-9-0 of carp, while anglers on each side of him failed to catch. In another corner peg, Mick Perks lost several good fish but managed to land two carp to weigh 12-10-0 for third place.


  1. Shaun Taylor 37-7-0
  2. Ken Yates 15-9-0
  3. Mick Perks 12-10-0
  4. Frank Edwards 11-2-0
  5. Paul Lane 10-1-0
  6. Dick Oakley 9-11-0
  7. Nigel Bayliss 9-6-0
  8. Clive Harman 6-8-0
  9. Richard Webster 6-1-0
  10. Lee Harman 4-10-0





Sunday 18th November 2018 – Winter League 2 – Hartleton Pool, Upton Bishop.

A bright sunny morning at Hartleton pool near Ross greeted a good turn out of Malvern Anglers for their second winter league match. Unfortunately, after a mild week, a sudden drop in temperature overnight and a cold Easterly wind made fishing harder than expected, as most anglers struggled to get a few bites from the mainly small fish. However, fishing in a the shallower bay of the pool, Dave Harris used ground bait to attract a small shoal of roach and perch that he was able to catch with pole fished maggot throughout the match to finish with a winning weight of 5-8-0. Meanwhile, in the deeper end of the pool, Lee Harman used pole fished worm bait to tempt a number of better sized roach to finish second with a weight of 3-13-0, just ahead of nearby competitors Paul Lane with 3-11-0 and Steve Warren with 3-9-0.

Results:Dave Harris

  1. Dave Harris 5-8-0
  2. Lee Harman 3-13-0
  3. Paul Lane 3-11-0
  4. Steve Warren 3-9-0
  5. Chris Loveridge 1-15-0
  6. Nigel Bayliss 1-7-0
  7. Ian Goddard 1-3-0
  8. Frank Edwards 1-1-0
  9. Dick Oakley 0-14-0
  10. Richard Webster 0-9-0






Sunday 28th October 2018 – Winter League No.1 – Tarrington Pool, Tarrington

After being very cold and wet on the previous day, a good turn out of Malvern anglers were pleased to see the sun shining for the first of their Winter league contest at Tarrington pool. However, a cold Northerly wind made conditions difficult for some anglers at one side of the pool. In contrast, for those lucky enough to draw a peg on the other side, it was sheltered and pleasantly warm in the sunshine and this is where Ian Goddard enjoyed using pole tactics with red maggot to catch a good net of roach, topped up by a bonus perch of about two pounds to give him a winning weight of 12-15-0.  In another favoured peg in the sunshine, Dave Harris used similar tactics to catch roach and skimmers to finish second with a weight of 11-14-0 while Paul Lane in the adjacent peg finished third with 9-10-0. Other weights were all very close and overall it turned out to be a very good contest, given the cold conditions.

Results:Ian Tarrington 2018

  1. Ian Goddard 12-15-0
  2. Dave Harris 11-14-0
  3. Paul Lane 9-10-0
  4. Richard Webster 9-8-0
  5. Nigel Bayliss 8-10-0
  6. Ken Yates 7-15-0
  7. Frank Edwards 7-9-0
  8. Clive Harman 5-14-0
  9. Lee Harman 5-2-0
  10. Ryan Cooper 5-0-0
  11. John Shaw 4-14-0










Sunday 21st October 2018 – Wye Cup – River Wye, Bishopswood

After heavy rain and flooded conditions last week, the river Wye level at Bishopwood had dropped enough for Malvern Anglers to fish their Wye cup match in memory of Ron Thomas who was Wye champion some years ago but sadly deceased recently. However, in bright sunny conditions, with the river flowing fast and clear, anglers found it difficult at first to catch anything other than minnows. Nevertheless, Nigel Bayliss managed to catch small dace throughout the match by trotting a float with maggots through a steady swim to accumulate a weight of 6-7-0. Meanwhile, after trying for bigger fish for most of the match with ledger tactics, Chris Loveridge found that dace had started to feed in his swim and so switched to float fishing with maggots to catch some nice sized dace that by the end of the match amounted to exactly the same weight as Nigel, therefore sharing first place. Upstream of these two, not much else was caught except for a chub caught by John Shaw to gain him third place.


1.Nigel Bayliss & Chris Loveridge 6-7-0

3. John Shaw 1-14-0

4. Lee Harman 0-8-0


Nigel and Chris on the Wye 2018