Sunday 31st July 2021 –  Ron Thomas Cup – River Severn, Holdfast

In contrast to the hot sunshine of the previous match at Holdfast, cooler weather with rain at the start greeted Malvern Anglers competing for the Ron Thomas Cup. As in previous matches, the river level remained very low and the bigger bream failed to show, with mainly perch and smaller fish making Dave Greenup most angler’s catches. However, fishing a peg just upstream of the car park, Dave Green managed to catch a few nice sized skimmer bream of about a pound each using swim feeder with double maggot bait to make up his winning weight of 8-14-0. A few nice sized skimmers also featured in Chris Loveridge’s and Steve Thomas’ second and third  place catches of  6-8-0 and 5-15-0 respectively.


  1. Dave Green 8-14-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 6-8-0
  3. Steve Thomas 5-15-0
  4. Ian Goddard 5-5-0
  5. Tony Miesner 3-15-0
  6. Steve Davis 3-14-0
  7. John Wagstaff 3-13-0
  8. John Bolton 3-8-0
  9. John Shaw 3-1-0
  10. Steve Williams 1-11-0






Sunday 18th July 2021 –  Dick Oakley Shield – River Severn, Holdfast

A boiling hot sunny day with very low water on the river Severn at Holdfast was the daunting prospect for the Malvern Anglers coming to fish for the Dick Oakley shield, where methods were limited to ledger only. Surprisingly, most anglers found plenty of bites from perch, roach and skimmers Ian Gat the start of the match but, inevitably, the bites soon died  later in the match as the temperature rose towards 30 degrees and the boat traffic increased. However, fishing a peg near the car park, Ian Goddard was able to include a few nice sized perch and skimmer bream in his winning weight of 6-12-0. Meanwhile, the competition was close for the other places with Frank Edward’s 3-9-0 just ahead of John Shaw’s 3-7-0 and Chris Loveridge’s 3-6-0. To everyone’s delight, Dick Oakley was brought by his son to see the end of the match and was able to congratulate the winner as well as enjoying some of his usual banter with other old members.


  1. Ian Goddard 6-12-0
  2. Frank Edwards 3-9-0
  3. John Shaw 3-7-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 3-6-0
  5. Chris Johnson 2-3-0
  6. John Wagstaff 2-3-0
  7. Martin Elston 1-10-0
  8. Steve Williams 0-10-0

Ian and Dick



Sunday 11th July 2021 –  River Series No.1 – River Avon, Nafford

The first of the river series matches was held on the Smiths river Avon stretch at Nafford. Although the weather conditions were reasonably good, the river level was very low and somewhat clear and this inevitably meant that fish were not very willing to feed as indeed most anglers struggled to catch other than occasional small fish. However, John Bolton was drawn on a good looking peg on the right angled bend of the river and he managed to tempt a large bream of exactly 5 pounds on ledgered worm and caster that, in addition to a number of smaller fish, boosted his winning weight to 8-1-0. Unfortunately, the rest of the John Boltonfield were not able to find any such bigger fish and the remaining weights were mainly made up of small perch and roach.


  1. John Bolton 8-1-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 2-14-0
  3. Ian Goddard 2-5-0
  4. Graham Rees 2-1-0
  5. Steve Davis 1-14-0
  6. Pete Roberts 1-10-0
  7. Dave Green 1-10-0
  8. Martin Elston 1-6-0
  9. Frank Edwards 0-10-0

Club Championship Points Table

The MUAA Club Championship table up to 1st July is published below. Out in front is Club Chairman Ian Goddard with 43 points with Chris Loveridge in hot pursuit with 39 points. In third place is Frank Edwards with 28 points.

MUAA Club Championship Table 2021-22


Sunday 4th July 2021 –  John Perks Memorial Shield – Holdfast

After earlier heavy rain and a subsequently humid and showery day, Malvern Anglers fished their John Perks Memorial Shield match at Holdfast. Although good catches had been reported earlier in the week, the subsequent unsettled weather and very low river level may have been responsible for the low weights on this contest, as all anglers struggled to catch. It was predominantly small perch and occasional skimmer Pete Robertsbream that made up most of the weights, with the anticipated big bream still elusive. On this occasion, Pete Roberts did manage to catch a nice sized skimmer bream of over a pound which together with a few nice sized perch and a couple of small fish made up his winning weight of 3-8-0. Second place Paul Lane resorted to bleak tactics to add a few ounces to his earlier catch of some perch and a skimmer to finish second with 2-11-0, just ahead of John Wagstaff’s perch catch of 2-8-0.


  1. Pete Roberts 3-8-0
  2. Paul Lane 2-11-0
  3. John Wagstaff 2-8-0
  4. Ian Goddard 2-2-0
  5. Tony Miessner 2-1-0
  6. Dave Green 1-12-0
  7. John Bolton 1-8-0
  8. John Shaw 1-7-0
  9. Stuart Gardener 1-6-0
  10. Chris Loveridge 0-7-0

Sunday 20th June 2021 –  Newtown Shield – Holdfast

After promising catches were reported by individuals who fished at the start of the river Severn season earlier in the week at Holdfast, much was expected for the Malvern Anglers opening match for the Newtown Shield. Although a cloudy sky and occasional light drizzle seemed to be a welcome change for fishing conditions from the sizzling hot, sunny weather the previous week, it was a cold day that John Wmay have caused the fish to lose their appetite as all anglers struggled for a few bites. Indeed, rather than the large bream that were expected, it was several nice sized perch that dominated the winning weight of just 5-2-0 that were caught by veteran angler John Wagstaff. Ian Goddard managed to tempt a couple of descent skimmer bream to make up the bulk of his second place weight of 4-5-0, while Chris Loveridge included a few smaller skimmer bream in his third place weight of 3-3-0.


  1. John Wagstaff 5-2-0
  2. Ian Goddard 4-5-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 3-3-0
  4. Pete Roberts 2-10-0
  5. Dave Green 2-6-0
  6. Paul Lane 2-3-0
  7. Steve Davis 1-8-0
  8. Mick Perks 1-1-0
  9. Graham Rees 0-10-0

Sunday 23rd May 2021 – Fitzwater Cup – Hartleton Pool, Upton Bishop

With a terrible weather forecast of heavy rain and wind for the match day, initial prospects for the Fitzwater cup match at Hartleton pool were pessimistic. Fortunately, the heavy rain was delayed until the end of the match, but a cutting wind made conditions somewhat difficult for this float only match limited to rod and line tackle. Nevertheless, catches turned out to be better than expected with good numbers of skimmer bream and a few bigger bream making up the bulk of the weights. Leading the way, Chris Loveridge switched between maggot and worm baits to finish with a nice net of such bream weighing 15-5-0, just ahead of second placeChris Ken Yates with a similar net of fish weighing 14-3-0. Best fish of the day were two bream of over 3 pounds featuring in Steve Williams catch of 12-8-0.


  1. Chris Loveridge 15-5-0
  2. Ken Yates 14-3-0
  3. Ian Goddard 13-11-0
  4. Steve Williams 12-8-0
  5. Graham Rees 9-11-0
  6. Martin Elston 8-1-0
  7. Mick Perks 4-7-0
  8. John Shaw 4-4-0
  9. Frank Edwards 0-13-0

Sunday 8th May 2021 – Spring League No.6 Broadacres Fishery, Hanbury

The final match of the foreshortened Spring League series was held on the Stock Pool at Broadacres fishery. Fortunately, the heavy rain of the previous day had cleared, leaving a fine but somewhat windy day for the match. Drawn on at peg at the far end of the pool, after trying pole tactics without much success, Ian Goddard switched to feeder tactics with maggot bait to find a number of carp near the pipes at the end of the pool to finish with a winning weight of 43-2-0. Conversely, in the next peg, John Shaw started with some success using feeder tactics up to the small island, but after catching a couple of carp, he eventually found more success using short pole tactics with bread bait near the inside edge to finish second with 28-12-0. Meanwhile, Frank Edwards stuck to his usual method feeder to catch several carp to finish third with a weight of 26-13-0. Consequently, after this series of three available matches, both Ian Goddard and Frank Edwards finished with 26 points each, so the net winner of the Spring League was decided on overall weight – giving Frank Edwards the advantage with a total weight of 118-15-0 compared to 109-13-0.


  1. Ian Goddard 43-2-0
  2. John Shaw 28-10-0
  3. Frank Edwards 26-13-0
  4. Chris Loveridge 25-10-0
  5. Ken Yates 24-9-0
  6. Graham Rees 21-9-0
  7. Mick Perks 16-14-0
  8. Steve Williams 7-13-0

Sunday 18th April 2021 – Spring League No.5 – Court Farm Fishery, Deblins Green, Malvern

After a cool frosty start, a fine sunny day welcomed Malvern Anglers for their Spring League match at Court Farm. Although fishing was patchy at the start, fish started to feed Dave Sin most places by the afternoon, in particular in the margins of the reedy pegs. Taking most benefit from these conditions were the three anglers in the reedy pegs in the far corner of the pool who were in a close finish for the top three places. In the middle of these three, Dave Stretton just nosed ahead of the others with a 76 pound winning weight of carp caught on pole fished worm and sweetcorn baits, just one or two fish ahead of second place Paul Lane and third place Frank Edwards.


  1. Dave Stretton 76-0-0
  2. Paul Lane 71-15-0
  3. Frank Edwards 67-10-0
  4. Ian Goddard 56-5-0
  5. Chris Loveridge 31-8-0
  6. Mick Perks 27-9-0
  7. John Wagstaff 19-14-0
  8. Graham Rees 19-6-0
  9. John Shaw 18-15-0
  10. Steve Williams 2-8-0

Sunday 11th April 2021 – Spring League No.4 – Hartleton Pool, Upton Bishop

After a long break since last year due to Covid restrictions, Malvern Anglers were able to resume their match programme at Hartleton pool. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were disappointing for fishing, after an overnight frost and a cold Northerly wind bringing snow showers between Frankperiods of more pleasant sunshine during the match. Nevertheless, some fish were caught and indeed the results were better than first feared. Drawn in the first peg nearest the dam wall, Frank Edwards used a method feeder with sweetcorn and pellet baits to tempt several nice sized bream up to 3 pounds each to finish with a winning weight of 24-8-0. Second place Ian Goddard frequently changed between feeder and pole methods with worm bait to catch a number of number of smaller bream and roach to finish with a respectable weight of 10-6-0. Meanwhile, Chris Loveridge nosed ahead of John Shaw and Mick Perks to finish third with 4-12-0.



  1. Frank Edwards 24-8-0
  2. Ian Goddard 10-6-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 4-14-0
  4. John Shaw 4-7-0
  5. Mick Perks 4-2-0
  6. Paul Lane 2-8-0
  7. Chris Johnson 2-0-0
  8. Martin Elston 1-12-0

Sunday 13th December 2020 – Fur and Feather – Willow Pool, Lower Broadheath Fishery

A few hardy members turned out on a persistently rainy day for their Fur&Feather match on the Willow pool at Broadheath fishery. Fortunately, the side of the pool pegged offered some shelter from a cutting wind. Ian Goddard got off to a good start in the first hour of the match by netting a ten pound carp caught on feeder fed maggots but, after catching no more carp, subsequently resorted to catching small roach on lighter pole tackle to make up his winning weight of 13-3-0. At the other end of the pool, Graham Rees also managed to catch a carp of over ten pounds using luncheon meat but, after continuing with such carp tactics for the rest of the match, was unable to add anything more to finish second with 10-10-0.  Chris Loveridge caught a couple of smaller carp on maggots to weight 9-10-0 for third place.


  1. Ian Goddard 13-3-0
  2. Graham Rees 10-10-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 9-10-0
  4. Frank Edwards 4-2-0
  5. John Shaw 3-10-0
  6. Mick Perks 3-8-0

Ian Goddard




Sunday 25th October 2020 – Winter League No.1 – Astwood Fishery

The first of the Winter League series was held on Buddleia pool at Astwood fisheries, a change of venue from the originally planned Tarrington Pool that was closed due to Covid restrictions.  Unfortunately for the fishing prospects, the venue was very busy as the pool was shared with anglers from another club. With the weather conditions somewhat showery, the fishing indeed turned out to be very disappointing compared to matches held on the same venue in previous seasons as most anglers this time had to struggle to tempt a few of the smaller fish.


However, the match turned out to be a very close contest with the first two places being just an ounce apart. Paul Lane managed to catch all sorts of silver fish, including a few nice sized ide on pole fished maggot to finish with a weight of 5-9-0. In contrast, Frank Edwards was rewarded with his persistence to catch a single carp on method fed sweetcorn to make up the bulk of his second place weight of 5-8-0. The remaining weights were made up of a variety of silver fish caught on maggots.


  1. Paul Lane 5-9-0
  2. Frank Edwards 5-8-0
  3. Ian Goddard 4-2-0
  4. John Shaw 3-10-0
  5. Graham Rees 2-2-0
  6. Mick Perks 1-8-0
  7. Chris Loveridge 0-11-0
  8. John Wagstaff 0-2-0

Sunday 18th October 2020 – River Series No.6 – River Severn – Holdfast

Following flooded conditions after the last match, the river Severn at Holdfast had dropped to a more normal level for this next match in the river series and conditions looked good on a calm, cloudy morning. Continuing his successful run of form, Pete Roberts used worm with maggot and castors in a feeder to catch a number of skimmer bream of about a pound each  to finish with a winning weight of 15-3-0. A little further upstream, Chris Loveridge used similar tactics to net 12-13-0 for second place while, in the next peg, Paul Lane was Pete Robertsclose behind with a net of skimmer bream to finish third with 11-1-0. During the match, a high tide caused the Severn to rise and reverse direction for a period to disrupt anglers.


  1. Pete Roberts 15-3-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 12-13-0
  3. Paul Lane 11-1-0
  4. Graham Rees 8-6-0
  5. Dave Green 4-0-0
  6. Mick Perks 3-9-0
  7. Ian Goddard 3-1-0
  8. John Wagstaff 2-12-0
  9. Dave Stretton 2-2-0
  10. John Shaw 1-15-0

Sunday 4th October 2020 – River Series No.4 – Roy Bouston Memorial Shield – River Severn – Holdfast

After prolonged rain the previous two days, a wet morning greeted Malvern Anglers for their Roy Bouston memorial match on the river Severn at Holdfast. Although the fishing platforms were clear of the water at the start, all were eventually submerged as the river rose rapidly during the match, leaving anglers to retreat further up the bank to fish from the steps. Despite this, fishing was quite good, as the results were much better than any previous matches this season that often suffered from low water conditions during the summer. Pete Roberts made the most of drawing a favoured peg at the upstream end of the stretch to catch several bream up to four pounds using worm bait with swim-feeder to finish with a winning weight of 24-11-0. At the other end of the stretch, Chris Loveridge used similar tactics to catch a big bream of about five pounds and a few smaller ones to finish second with 16-7-0. Meanwhile, Dave Pete RobertsGreen did well in a less favoured peg in the middle of the stretch to catch several smaller sized bream to finish third with a weight of 13-12-0. These top three received gift vouchers kindly donated by Ellen Reynolds (of Alans Tackle), the sister of Roy Bouston – a fondly remembered club member.


  1. Pete Roberts 24-11-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 16-7-0
  3. Dave Green 13-12-0
  4. Ian Goddard 6-12-0
  5. Dave Stretton 3-15-0
  6. Paul Lane 2-13-0
  7. Mick Perks 0-8-0
  8. John Shaw 0-7-0

Sunday 27th September 2020 – Richard Webster Memorial Shield  – River Severn – Red Roof Farm

The river Severn below Stourport at Red Roof farm was the venue for the third of Malvern Anglers river series matches and, in addition, the match was also fished for the Richard Webster memorial shield. Richard, who sadly died earlier this year ,was the match secretary of the club and he loved to fish this venue. Unfortunately, a combination of low clear, cold water with bright sunshine and a biting Northerly wind signalled poor prospects for fishing as indeed the catches were worse than feared. Most anglers struggled to get any bites and it was just a few very small fish that were caught. Paul Lane managed to catch about a dozen gudgeon to make up his winning weight of just 12 ounces, just ahead of Frank Edwards with slightly fewer gudgeon to weigh 9 ounces. Meanwhile, four gudgeon were enough to give John Shaw third place with just 3 ounces although he was annoyed to have lost a barbel during This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is webster-trophy.pngthe match that would certainly have been more than enough to win it.


  1. Paul Lane 0-12-0
  2. Frank Edwards 0-9-0
  3. John Shaw 0-3-0
  4. Chris Johnson 0-2-0
  5. John Wagstaff 0-2-0
  6. Graham Rees 0-2-0
  7. Dave Green 0-1-0
  8. Martin Elston 0-1-0

MUAA Club Championship Points Table 2020/21

After eight points amassing matches, the 2020/21 MUAA Club Championship table showing everyone who has won at least a point so far is reproduced below.  Leading the pack by some distance is the winner of the 2019/20 MUAA Club Championship Ian Goddard with 69 points ahead of Dave Green and Mick Perks who are both on 39 points.

MUAA Club Championship Table 2020-21

Sunday 13th September 2020 – Derek Evans Trophy – River Avon, Birlingham

The second of Malvern Anglers river series matches was held on the Avon at Birlingham. On a clear sunny day, river conditions were ominously clear with little flow – a sure indication that prospects of big catches were poor. Furthermore, the match was limited to float only in respect of the Derek Evans trophy that was also being fished for on this same occasion. With these conditions, most anglers found bites hard to comeThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pete-roberts.png by but thankfully, there were a few small perch willing to feed and these fish dominated the winning weights. Leading the way, Pete Roberts managed to catch about twenty perch on worm bait to make up his winning weight to just 2-14-0. In the next peg downstream, perch also dominated the second place weight of Mick Perks with 2-2-0. Meanwhile, in the next two upstream pegs, Martin Elston narrowly beat John Shaw into third place with 1-10-0.



1.Pete Roberts 2-14-0

2. Mick Perks 2-2-0

3. Martin Elston 1-10-0

4. John Shaw 1-9-0

5. Dave Green 1-6-0

6. Chris Loveridge 0-3-0

7. Ian Goddard 0-2-0

7. Frank Edwards 0-2-0

7. Steve Williams 0-2-0


Sunday 6th September 2020 – River Severn – Holdfast

A cool, but pleasant morning greeted Malvern anglers for the first of their river series matches at Holdfast where the river Severn was flowing quite fast with a foot or so of extra water from mid-week rain. Although all anglers were able to catch some smaller roach, perch and skimmer bream, it was Dave Green who managed to catch the better sized bream. After initially starting with float Dave Greentackle to try and catch fish on an inside line, Dave eventually switched to more successful swim-feeder tactics by which he was able to catch a few better sized skimmers and a good sized bream of over three pounds to boost his winning weight to 9-0-0. Some way behind, Chris Loveridge narrowly beat Ian Goddard by an ounce to gain second place with a weight of 4-14-0.


  1. Dave Green 9-0-0
  2. Chris Loveridge 4-14-0
  3. Ian Goddard 4-13-0
  4. Mick Perks 3-3-0
  5. Steve Williams 2-6-0
  6. Graham Rees 2-3-0
  7. John Shaw 2-2-0

MUAA Club Championship Points Table 2020/21

After six points amassing matches, the 2020/21 MUAA Club Championship table showing everyone who has won at least a point so far is reproduced below.  Leading the pack by some distance is the winner of the 2019/20 MUAA Club Championship Ian Goddard with 57 points ahead of Paul Lane who has 33 points. Following a good run of form is John Wagstaff in third place with 32 points.

MUAA Club Championship Table 2020-21

Sunday 23rd August 2020 – River Severn – Holdfast

After midweek rain, the river Severn carried some extra water and colour for the Malvern Anglers match at Holdfast. After reports in the week of decent catches of fish being made the competitors were looking forward optimistically for better nets of fish. However, bites were sporadic although the odd decent skimmer was caught by most anglers throughout the match. Fishing from Peg number 18, Ian Goddard caught several bream and skimmers on ground bait feeder Ian Goddardand red maggot to weigh in 9lb 10oz to bag first place. In second place came last weeks winner John Wagstaff fishing from Peg number 15 who caught a number of skimmers and eels to weigh in 4lb 1oz. In third place came Graham Rees who weighed in 3lb 8oz with a few skimmers caught with legered red maggot and several bleak caught on the whip and was exactly 1oz ahead of Steve Williams in 4th place.


  1. Ian Goddard 9-10-0
  2. John Wagstaff 4-1-0
  3. Graham Rees 3-8-0
  4. Steve Williams 3-7-0
  5. Mick Perks 2-2-0
  6. Chris Loveridge DNW

Sunday 16th August 2020 – River Severn – Holdfast

After some thundery rain on previous days, the river Severn at Holdfast carried some colour for the Malvern Anglers match, yet the river level still remained quite low.  Although no eels had been seen in any of the previous matches, the coloured water was a signal for eels to feed and they were caught by most anglers throughout the match. However, on the upstream end peg, John Wagstaff managed to avoid the eels and caught several nice sized skimmers and a bream of about JWthree pounds on swim-feeder with maggots bait to return a winning weight of 13 pounds. At the other end of the stretch, in-form Ian Goddard also managed to find a few bream amongst the eels to finish second with a weight of 9-2-0. Meanwhile, in the middle of the stretch, having initially caught a few eels on swim-feeder, John Shaw switched to float fishing closer in to catch about a dozen small perch and a few small roach to make up his third place weight of 4-7-0.


  1. John Wagstaff 13-0-0
  2. Ian Goddard 9-2-0
  3. John Shaw 4-7-0
  4. Paul Lane 3-5-0
  5. Chris Loveridge 3-1-0
  6. Frank Edwards 2-15-0
  7. Steve Williams 0-6-0

Sunday 2nd August 2020 – Ron Thomas Memorial Trophy – Holdfast

As it has been from the start of the season, with the river level at Holdfast continuing to be extremely low with little flow, Malvern Anglers found fish were somewhat reluctant to feed, this time for their Ron Thomas memorial trophy match. As in previous matches, Ian Goddard managed to nose ahead of the competition with a winning weight of 5-1-0, featuring a couple of skimmer bream of about a pound in addition to some perch and smaller fish caught on swim-feeder with maggots Ian Goddardand worms bait. Not far behind, with a second place weight of 4-12-0, Dave Green caught a number of chunky perch and smaller fish using float fished maggots and worms. Meanwhile, Chris Loveridge had a few perch and small skimmers on swim-feeder to finish third with 3-5-0, just a few ounces ahead of Pete Roberts using similar tactics.


  1. Ian Goddard 5-1-0
  2. Dave Green 4-12-0
  3. Chris Loveridge 3-5-0
  4. Pete Roberts 3-1-0
  5. John Wagstaff 1-8-0
  6. Frank Edwards 1-5-0
  7. Steve Williams 0-12-0
  8. Graham Rees 0-7-0
  9. Mick Perks 0-5-0
  10. John Shaw 0-2-0

Sunday 19th July 2020 – Dick Oakley Shield – Holdfast

While the weather was pleasantly sunny for a good turn out of Malvern Anglers, the river remained desperately  low and clear for their Dick Oakley Shield match. Although this match was limited to leger only methods, it probably would not have mattered much on the day whatever method was used, as the fish were again reluctant to feed. Anglers struggled for bites with just a few perch, roach and small bream being caught. Once again, Ian Goddard led the field with a winning weight of just 2-6-0 that included a skimmer bream and some perch caught on maggot Ianand worm baits. Some way behind, Dave Green included some perch in his second place weight of 1-3-0 just ahead third place Paul Lane with 1-2-0 then followed by several others with similarly small catches.


  1. Ian Goddard 2-6-0
  2. Dave Green 1-3-0
  3. Paul Lane 1-2-0
  4. John Wagstaff 0-14-0
  5. Chris Johnson 0-14-0
  6. Steve Williams 0-13-0
  7. John Shaw 0-12-0
  8. Graham Rees 0-10-0
  9. Dave Harris 0-7-0
  10. Martin Elston 0-1-0

Sunday 5th July 2020 –  John Perks Trophy – Holdfast.

Nine hardy anglers turned up to compete for the John Perks Trophy on a day with unusually high westerly winds blowing in from the hills. Following the Coronavirus friendly draw, anglers settled into their selected pegs but, as per the the previous match at Holdfast, soon found that the match was going to be tough going. Again, a number of  anglers opted to fish for smaller fish in the margins although it was through the usual swimfeeeder tactics from Peg 6 that brought Ian Goddard his first victory of the new season. Ian weighed in a respectable mixed bag of 3lb 1oz mainly made up of a couple of skimmers and a perch and several small fish caught mostly with maggot bait presented on the swimfeeder rig. Ian's BagIn second place came Dave Stretton on Peg 13 with a hard fought 2lb 10oz bag of bits. In 3rd from peg 14 came the winner of the previous match Paul Lane with 1lb 12oz of of small fish.


  1. Ian Goddard 3-1-0
  2. Dave Stretton 2-10-0
  3. Paul Lane 1-12-0
  4. Frank Edwards 1-10-0
  5. Mick Perks 1-8-0
  6. Dave Green 1-2-0
  7. Luke Richards 0-13-0
  8. Steve Williams 0-7-0
  9. Graham Rees 0-4-0